Oregon Career Information System (CIS)

Oregon Career Information System (CIS)


October 2019

CIS is created and maintained by the University of Oregon. SHS subscribes to this website to help you, the students of SHS, to:

· plan for your future educational experiences and careers

· determine what interests you

· create a resume and activities chart

· get the education and training to pursue those interests

· find regional, state, and national scholarships are available to you

· learn about your strengths, learning style, and personality type

· conduct a job search and a job interview

· find and take practice tests for various standardized tests including the SAT and the ACT

Login from school:

Sign in using your username and password

Login from home:

Sign in using your username and password, or…

Go to “Don’t Have an Account? Sign up here

Username: siuslawcis

Password: cisviking

Then enter personal information to set up your account

Click on “Dashboard” to find:

A. Saved Work (work you have already done will be here)

B. Reports

1. Activities Chart (after you have created your resume (see item C1 below)

2. Combined Report of Assessments (view the occupations that have appeared most often in your assessments and occupation sort results)

3. Personal Education Plan (track your progress and review your activities and accomplishments)

4. STEM Report (find STEM – science, technology, engineering, and math – occupations in your interest profiler and work importance locator)

Click on “Explore Resources” to find the following surveys and profilers:

A. Occupations

1. Tools for Occupations

· Occupation List (to explore occupations)

· Occupation Sort (to explore occupations that match your preferences)

· Skills (match occupations to your skills)

· Reality Check (to make sure your chose occupation matches your financial goals)

· Interest Profiler (180 questions to help determine your interests)

· Work Importance Locator (to determine what features of a job are most important to you)

· Career Themes (determine your personality type to help match you with a career)

2. Tools for Military Occupations

· Military Occupations (to explore hundreds of jobs and careers in the military)

B. Education and Training

1. Tools for Programs of Study and Training

· Programs of Study and Training (information about how to get the education and training you need for a particular occupation or field of study)

· Career Learning Areas (An overview of which programs of study will prepare you for specific occupations/careers)

2. Tools for Schools

· School List (a search engine to find Oregon or nationwide schools that offer particular programs of study, degrees, tuition, etc.)

· School Sort (sort schools by specific criteria)

· Oregon Certificate Sort (to find schools that offer particular certificates)

· Oregon transfer policies (information about transferring to another school)

3. Tools for Scholarships

· Scholarship List (search for scholarships from a list of more than 4,000)

· Scholarship Sort (find scholarships that you may qualify for)

C. Employment

1. Career Bio (create resume and activities chart)

2. Workplace Employability Skills (a self-assessment to determine your employability skills)

3. Entrepreneurial Career Assessment (find out if you have characteristics common among successful entrepreneurs)

4. Job Search (how to search for a job, apply, interview, etc.)

5. Job Success (how to be successful in a job)

6. Self-Employment (learn which occupations have a high rate of self-employment, and how get started successfully)

D. Additional Tools

1. Course Planner (plan the courses you need in high school and college)

2. Learning Style and Study Skills (match your learning styles with study skills)

3. CRLE Planner (find career-related learning experiences like part-time jobs, volunteer work, and job shadowing opportunities)

4. Senior Project (match your education and career goals with a senior project you can create)

5. Learning Express (practice tests for the ACT, SAT, and other standardized tests)