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What to Do With Your Y-DNA Results

What Anyone Receiving Y-DNA Results Should Do

1. If you tested through Family Tree DNA ("FTDNA"), you should consider joining the appropriate FTDNA project or projects. Projects are available for men sharing a haplogroup, geographic or ethnic origins, or surnames.

2. If you haven't yet entered information concerning your most distant known direct male ancestor on your FTDNA profile, it would be helpful for you to enter some information (even if it’s only a surname or an ancestral town). That way, your matches will be able to find your results on FTDNA project pages.

3. You should check your FTDNA match list to see if any of your close matches share a surname or geographic origins with your known ancestors on your direct male line. If so, you should send an e-mail to those matches to see if you can determine the relationship. 
4. You should upload your STR results to
Y-Search, where they can be found by men who tested through companies other than FTDNA or who are too distant a match to be reported by FTDNA.

What R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites Should do with Their Y-DNA Results

1. You should consider joining two FTDNA projects: (1) the Ashkenazi-Levite DNA Project (R1a1); and (2) the R1a1a and Subclades Y-DNA Project.

2. If you would prefer not to join an FTDNA project but would like to have your marker values included in the analyses presented on this website, please e-mail them to us by clicking
here. (You can download your marker values by signing into your FTDNA account, clicking "Y-STR Results" in the "Y-DNA" buttons on the home page, and clicking the orange "CSV" button in the bottom right-hand corner of the page.)

3. Join the Levite DNA Facebook group to receive notices of new materials and to exchange posts about R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites.

4. Join the 
R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levite Yahoo group so that you can receive notices of newly posted analyses, access materials that for various reasons may not be posted on this website, and receive and exchange e-mails concerning R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levites. (You’ll need a Yahoo ID in order to join.) 
5. When you receive updated results or modify the information on your FTDNA profile, please
e-mail us so that we may include your new results and information when we update the spreadsheets.

Louis, Sarah, Ruben & Jack Vodovoz 30 percent

Louis Vodovoz (1900-1966), Sarah Vodovoz (1905-1979), and
Ruben & Jack Vodovoz
Photograph taken in Minneapolis, MN @1930