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Horowitz Family Trees

The genealogy of the Horowitz rabbinical family has been extensively researched over the years.

Dr. Edward Gelles has kindly allowed us to post: (1) the Horowitz rabbinical family's claimed line of descent to the year 1000 in Gerona, Spain; (2) a tree showing the believed relationships of the ancestral line of the Horowitz rabbinical family to other prominent Jewish families in Spain and France from the 11th through 14th centuries; and (3) a tree showing branches of the Horowitz rabbinical family after that family's move to Horovice, near Prague, in the 1470s. For further information, see E. Gelles, Meeting my Ancestors (Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, 2011), E. Gelles, Family Connections: Gelles-Horowitz-Chajes (Shaker Publishing, Maastricht, 2008), and Dr. Gelles’ forthcoming volume of essays, to be entitled A Millennial Journey of European Jews

The late Michael Honey prepared a
very detailed family tree for the Horowitz rabbinical family starting in 1400 and including some branches through the present day. 

In his book
Gurevich, Gurovich, Gurvich, Gorvich, Gurvitz, Horowitz and Others: History of A Great Family (Haifa, 1999, ISBN 965-222-971-7), Shlomo Gurevich of Hoshaya, Israel provides a detailed history of the family.

On the Jews of Frankfurt DNA Project page, Janet Billstein Akaha has posted a "condensed" Horowitz lineage going back to the 12th century in Barcelona.

However, a 2016 article by Avrohom Marmorsteinquestions the contention that the Horowitz rabbinical family has Iberian roots, asserting that it was not until the late 19th century that a Spanish connection was asserted for members of the Horowitz rabbinical family. In this regard, it should be noted that a related Horowitz tradition -- that a Horowitz ancestor was the brother of a Benveniste ancestor and an Epstein ancestor -- is not supported by the Y-DNA evidence to date (currently, no Benvenistes, and only one of many Epsteins to have done Y-DNA testing, are known to be members of the R1a-Y2619 Ashkenazi Levite cluster to which known descendants of the Horowitz rabbinical family belong).  

Tomb of Shmuel Shmelke Segal Ish Horowicz, Jewish Cemetery of Tarnow, Poland

Woe to us, we have lost the crown
 over our head, our beloved
elder Rabbi who acquired
wisdom, Shmuel Shmelke
Segal [staff of Levites], son of the great light Rabbi
Yehoshua the tall Halevi
 Ish-Horowicz, blessed be the memory of the Tzadik, went
to a better world on Wednesday, The 1st of the month
 of Elul. [19 August]
Shmuel may he rest in peace, today
 40 days [after his death] the year of תנו'ה 5456. [1696].
May His Soul Rest With The Living

Translation courtesy of Meir G. Gover
20130617 Meir-HaSHhla Horowitz-Tveria Ancient Cemetery

Tomb of Isaiah Halevi Horowitz (the Shelah), Tiberias Ancient Cemetery 

Here Lies
our teacher Rabbi YESHYAHU son of Rabbi AVRAHAM HaLEVI HOROWITZ
blessed be the memory of the Tzadik
Served as Head of Great Rabbinical Courts in Europe
made ALIYA from Prague to The Land of Israel on 5381 [1621]
served as Rabbi of communities in Jerusalem, Safed and Tiberias
wrote “TWO TABLETS OF THE COVENANT” and other books
 NIFTAR in Tiberias on the 11th of Nissan 5390 [March 14, 1630]
May His Soul be Bound with The Living

Photograph and translation courtesy of Meir G. Gover