Paper Genealogy

We are in the process of compiling Levite-specific genealogical information, to be used to tie together genealogical information from Y-DNA data with information from traditional paper genealogy.

Currently, the website posts three original pieces of research. First, there is a list, prepared by Meir G. Gover, listing (in Hebrew and English) the surnames on matzevot (Jewish tombstones) in the Old Jewish Cemetery of Prague and identifying which surnames are identified as belonging to Levites (and Cohens); the list identifies the page numbers of an 1892 book, accessible on the Internet, that provides the full text of the matzevot. Second, there is a translation, also prepared by Gover, of a book that transcribed 76 matzevot from the Ancient Jewish Cemetery of Toledo, Spain from the 13th and 14th centuries. Click here for more information about these lists. Third, there is a list, also compiled by Gover, of Levites from Aleppo, Syria beginning in the late 18th century.

The website also contains information concerning: (1) surnames designating Levite origin; and (2) family trees for the Horowitz rabbinical family.

Also posted, courtesy of Jim Wald, are two genealogical trees for Biblical Levites, dating back to the 18th century.

We look forward to expanding this portion of the website in the future; we would appreciate any suggestions for information to post concerning Levite genealogy.

Jan Luyken, "Priestly and Levitical Family Tree" based on Exodus and Numbers, @1700-1735
Click here for a larger version of the tree
Anonymous 18th-century Dutch engraving: The Army Order of the Israelites
The top shows the schema according to Reyherus; the bottom, according to Lamy.
The Levites are represented in both as guarding the Tabernacle.
Click here for a larger version of the engraving.