"Dear Natalya,
Thank you very much for sharing your music and talent with us for the Festival of Trees.
The "live" music makes the event really special.  I am sorry I missed your second performance...
Again, thank you!
                                                         Carla DeMeco
                                                         Granger Homestead and Carriage Museum
                                                          01 Dec. 2012"

"I returned to piano lessons after a fifteen year break.  As a mother of two small children my time was limited, but I wanted to start playing again.  Natalya worked well with me and my schedule, and after just a few months of playing my fingers began to remember what to do!  She taught me so much in the one year we spent together, more than I had learned in the ten years I had spent studying with different teachers.  She challenged me and believed in me and made me want to progress and play beautiful, classical music.  I highly recommend Natalya.  Anyone who is her student is fortunate to have such a dedicated professional, and the best part... when she plays her beautiful music for you!"

                                                              Pamela Cote
                                                              Extended Learning Opportunities Manager
                                                              Sanford/Springvale, ME

"I promised I would send you sketches of a composition I was working on, but it's coming along slower than I thought; please except these flowers in the meantime.  Talk to you soon...love!"
                                                                 Andrew Landry
                                                                 Sanford, ME

"... I have spent many, many hours with my Russian teacher and I would sum up the classical Russian training like this:

very close attention to the score
very close attention to fingerings, timing, tempo and dynamics
a great deal of attention given to touch - exactly how a key is struck. This is dealt with in great detail and is what gives huge dynamic control at will. It requires a great deal of practice to learn well
extremely robust and well founded technique
this is developed with both repertoire and exercises
very strong work ethic
I have benefited hugely from this approach and have learned  a great deal ..."

                                                                  -  by a member of www.PianoWorld.com, Pianist Corner on May 23, 2006.