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This link helps to understand what is needed for online lessosn and how to use Zoom:

Professor of piano, Doctor John Mortensen from the Cedarville University, Ohio presents very good and useful videos on You Tube:

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This article provide good insight on the European piano pedagogical method and how it different from the most available presently in the USA method.

1) Musical Talent, Nature Versus Nurture, and the 10,000 Hours Rule

Meet my sister. She started piano lessons at age 7, and practiced a half an hour a day pretty much for the next 11 years, sometimes doing a little more, rarely less...  The rest could be found at:

This link is most suitable for learning of the necessity of practicing piano. 

2) The Truth About Piano Lessons

" Dear Piano Parents:

You're probably getting mailings right now about fall activities for your kids. The soccer coach wants to know if you're doing traveling team, the Little League coach is scheduling practices, the dance teacher is putting her classes together. And you're wondering about piano lessons for little Johnny or Suzie..."
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3) To learn more about Russian piano school please watch these videos uploaded to the YouTube:     Documentary about a great Russian-American pianist and professor of Julliard School of music and graduate of the Moscow Conservatory of Music Rosina Lhevinne (Bessie)

 4) Buying a piano, digital pianos

Please read this article:

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