FLPM Studio Policy

All vaccinated students and their parents can enter my studio without masks, any unvaccinated visitors must wear proper, best N 95 or similar masks.


Very young students ( 6-7 y.o.) can  start their piano lessons of 30 min. duration, students  of the age of 7 + will start with lessons of  45 min. duration and gradually progress toward the longer lessons, adults have options of 50, 55 and 60 min. lessons and have options to have longer lessons.  Usually students have lessons once a week, but more ambitious students may request two lessons a week.
Please refer to the FLPM Tuition on the side menu for the variety of lesson plans.

When  students enroll in my program, they and their parents must know that they will be paying for a spot in my schedule. 

If a student chooses a certain day, for example Friday - then the tuition would be calculated by multiplying the number of Fridays in the given month by the lesson rate.  Let say, there are four (4) Fridays in February, the rate is $35.00 per lesson, the tuition would be calculated -  $35.00 x 4 = $140.00.
I will be notifying about the upcoming tuition payment on 21st of each month, the payment will be due on the following lesson.

The cost of tuition is calculated regardless of any missed lessons.

Piano students enjoy two benefits: 

1. First introductory/evaluation lesson is free
2. Students will be locked into their rates if they study continuously *

* Once enrolled in my program, students will continue their lessons year around ( more details  will be discussed at a fist meeting).   On enrollment, my students would benefit from locking into their lesson rates, a break for more than three weeks will dismiss a student from the program and their locked rate.


A missed lesson for a valid reason may be made up once on the following Saturday/Sunday from 9 am - 6 pm, or on a week day of the following week if my schedule allows.  A student or a parent must notify 36 hrs prior to a missed lesson.

There would be no further rescheduling of a missed  make - up lesson.

Valid reasons for missing lessons are:  Vacations, major holidays, serious sickness, emergencies, anything other than that would be considered invalid.

Lessons missed due to invalid reasons will be forfeited unless prior arrangements are made in time.


The studio has a "No cancellation policy," which means that if a student/parent decides to terminate his/her lessons after the tuition has been paid there won't be any refund.  Making up lesson is available on request if my schedule allows.


1. Each student is responsible for acquisition of music books or sheet music. Students/parents also have an option to purchase books at the studio.

2. All students should have access to a piano. An acoustic piano is most encouraged as a superior instrument compared to any digital piano or keyboard., exceptions are latest models of Yamaha, Kawai or Roland hybrid digital pianos. Under limited circumstances digital piano or full keyboard with weighted keys could be used as a temporary solution.  I would recommend the  acquisition of an acoustic piano in the future or hybrid digital piano.

3. Regular and quality practice is required for all students (30 minutes per day is a minimum time for young beginners only, 45-60 minutes per day is the average time). Please read an article Musical Talent, Nature Versus Nurture, and the 10,000 Hours Rule (it can be found in the Useful Links to the Music Videos side panel).  Sufficient practice will guarantee a smooth and pleasant learning process. Parental interest, support and encouragement in student's practicing are very beneficial for a student!


The studio will be closed on the major holidays and all the lessons which happen to be on these days will be rescheduled.  
The Studio schedule is different from the New York school calendar. During the fall, winter, spring and summer breaks the lessons will continue.

Dr. Natalya Hennings reserves the right to change/ update her policy at any time without notice.