FLPM Stuido Tuition

I consider a 45 min. lesson to be best suited for a  child who is a beginner - this is the most recommended lesson.  For  a 6 + year old child a 40 min. lesson could be a start  for one year or less.  A 50/60 minute lesson is recommended for  an intermediate and early advanced student.  I strongly recommend a 60 minute lesson for an adult of any level. 
The tables bellow offers various options for potential piano students to choose from.

                                Rates for  In-Studio lessons

Children age 6+:                                                                                     Adults:                                                            

40 min. lesson - $ 25.00 (only for 6 y.o.)                                        60 min. lesson - $ 45.00

45 min. lesson - $ 30.00 * ( beginner/early intermediate )         

50 min. lesson - $ 35.00    ( intermediate level )                              

55 min. lesson - $ 40.00     ( late intermediate level )

60 min. lesson - $45.00       ( early advanced level )                                                 

* The most recommended lessons         

Families with more then one child in the program or families with more then three children in general may negotiate lesson rates with Natalya.     

Bonuses:  First introductory/evaluation lesson is free, my students will receive a bonus of 10 minutes free of charge each lesson for developing music ear and playing music games, working on a piece of their choice, and they will lock up in price.
Families with young children also have an option of having piano lessons for their children in  their homes. 
I would prefer to have the initial free evaluation lesson at my studio.

                                       Rates for In-Home lessons

Within 10 miles radius:        
45 min. lesson - $ 50.00     
60 min. lesson - $ 65.00                                                               
A second child - regular In-Studio rate.                                                                        

Dr. Natalya Hennings reserves the right to change/update the price of the tuition on this website at any time without notice.

The last update was on 09-21-2019.