FLPM Stuido Tuition

I consider a 45 min. lesson to be best suited for a  child who is a young beginner - this is the most recommended lesson.  A 50/60 minute lesson is recommended for  an intermediate and early advanced student.  Adults will study for 60 min. lesson as it works best for adults.  
The tables bellow offers various options for piano students to choose from.

                                Rates for  In-Studio lessons

Children age 6+:                                                                                     Adults:                                                          

45 min. lesson - $ 30.00 * ( beginner/early intermediate )                         60 min. lesson - $ 45.00*

50 min. lesson - $ 35.00    ( intermediate level )                              

55 min. lesson - $ 40.00     ( late intermediate level )

60 min. lesson - $45.00       ( early advanced level )                                                 

* The most recommended lessons        

All students will enjoy three bonuses:

1. First introductory/evaluation lesson is free

2. Students will receive a bonus of 5-7 minutes free of charge each lesson for extra fun piano activities

3. Students will be locked into their rates if they study continuously.

Families with young children also have an option of having piano lessons for their children in  their homes. 
I would prefer to have the initial free evaluation lesson at my studio.

                                       Rates for In-Home lessons

Within 10 miles radius:        
45 min. lesson - $ 50.00     
60 min. lesson - $ 65.00                                                               
A second child - regular In-Studio rate.                          

Dr. Natalya Hennings reserves the right to change/update the price of the tuition on this website at any time without notice.

The last update was on 07-22-20.