Welcome to the Finger Lakes Piano Music Studio!


Welcome to my Finger Lakes Piano Music Studio!

After teaching music and piano for 18 years, I still love to meet my new students and introduce them to the marvels of music-making and learning to play piano properly!

I have taught a diverse group of students from different backgrounds, various ages. My studio has had young children who were home- schooled or attended public and private schools, teenagers, and adults ages 25 - 86.  My adult students tell me that my program well suites their age group, but in fact, each student progresses well according to their age, abilities and most important the amount of practice they put in the studies.  

My in-depth and well structured program starts- - and includes in every lesson music ear training - elements of solfeggio and easy explained   fundamentals of Western music theory.  It prepares a classical pianist through the utilization of the Austrian/German and Russian classical piano school methodology.  It is challenging but rewarding - the students improve their mind, discipline, develop patience, sense of responsibility, they enjoy learning new music and piano skills, learn folk music of various ethnic populations of the world: Europe, Asia, etc.  We all have true fun in exploring music and the piano. 

I devote lots of time to teaching my students excellent piano skills and proper hand technique.  We start with music ear training, singing, transposing, and at the same time learn the fundamentals of the piano techniques, sight reading with progressive incorporation of the music theory.  My students learn all the scales, arpeggios and chords in progressive manner at each lesson.  This piano pedagogy is the result of collaborative work of many distinguished Russian music professors and teachers and based on the piano school of great L.V. Beethoven.  One of the important music books I use to teach is the C. Czerny's Little Pianist, Op. 823.  Carl  Czerny was one of the beloved and most trusted students of L.V. Beethoven, and he himself was well known and respected piano teacher of the time.

I know that learning happens best in a friendly, nurturing environment.  That is what my students find in my studio.

I teach from my private Finger Lakes Piano Music studio at 91 Chapin Street, in the City of Canandaigua. My students come from as far as Naples, Conesus, Honeoye Falls, Middlesex, Victor, Shortsville/Farmington area, and indeed, the local Canandaigua area.

Call me at 585-393-9682 or email me at Flpianomusic@gmail.com. My first introductory/evaluation lesson is free. I will give you the all information you need and will discuss my program with you.

                                                                                                                                         Dr. Natalya Hennings

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