Welcome to the Finger Lakes Piano Music Studio!


Welcome to my Finger Lakes Piano Music Studio!

After teaching music and piano for 18 years, I still love to meet my new students and introduce them to the marvels of music-making and learning to play piano properly!

My studio has had students of different age groups: young 6-12 year old children, teenagers, and adults ranging from 25 to 85 year old.  I have had home-schooled children and children in public and private schools.  My adult students tell me that they believe my program is particularly suitable for their age group.  Nevertheless, every one of them fares well according to their age, abilities and amount of practice.  My students often study in my program for several years-some take lessons for their own pleasure and personal growth, some want to make piano playing their profession.

My carefully structured program prepares a classical pianist while utilizing the methodology of the Austrian/German and Russian Classical Piano Schools.  One of my first and very talented students Andrew L. was accepted to the University of Southern Maine, School of Music after studying with me for only four years – in my archives I cherish the letter of appreciation from Prof. Laura Kargul, Director of Keyboard Studies at USM regarding the preparation level  of my student which he displayed during his addition for the college admission.  My students look forward to their lessons as we always have real fun as they learn. I teach not only the piano technique and the body/hands/fingers postures/positions- to which I devote a lot of time and efforts, but I also incorporate music theory in the most simple way.  The music theory reminds me of mathematics: the most simplistic way the better.  Albert Einstein said: "The definition of genius is taking the complex and making it simple."  We study scales, arpeggios, chords from the beginning starting with the two octaves, all of my students regardless of age accomplish this task reasonably well.  I do not use commercial method music books that commonly sold at music shops as I regard them inadequate for the proper piano music schooling.  My preference of the music material lies within the Russian-European and the Royal Conservatory of Music, UK, Toronto guidelines.

I know that learning happens best in a friendly, nurturing environment.  That is what my students find in my studio. 

I teach from my private Finger Lakes Piano Music studio at 91 Chapin Street, in the City of Canandaigua. My students come from as far as Naples, Conesus, Honeoye Falls, Middlesex, Victor, Shortsville/Farmington area, and indeed, the local Canandaigua area.

Call me at 585-393-9682 or email me at Flpianomusic@gmail.com. My first introductory/evaluation lesson is free. I will give you the all information you need and will discuss my program with you.

                                                                                                        Dr. Natalya Hennings

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