Doyle’s Rotary Coffin Membership Ranking System

In this exciting new twist to the membership of Doyle’s Rotary Coffin you will now have the opportunity to give your membership a ranking.

By completing any of the tasks below you earn 1000RPM. These RPM are added together to give you your ranking. For example, a member who has completed 3 of the tasks below could call themselves “a Doyle’s Rotary Coffin Member – 3000RPM”. The maximum rank is currently 61000RPM – but this may be extended at a later date.

All other tasks can only be completed after you have completed task 1. Tasks you happen to have already completed before becoming a member of Doyle’s Rotary Coffin don’t count. You’ll have to do them again.

Imaginary bonus RPM do not count towards your rank.

You can’t use the same thing for two different tasks.

It should be made clear that DRC rankings are completely without value and don’t actually make you better than anyone else.

The List

1. Become a member of Doyle’s Rotary Coffin

2. Meet another Holmesian in person who you had not met in person before.

3. Go to a place mentioned in The Canon.

4. Hold an object mentioned in The Canon.

5. Meet a person in real life whose surname is Holmes.

6. Spot the number "221" included on an official sign.

7. Irk a Poirotian.*

8. Dress as someone from The Canon.

9. Dress an animal as someone from The Canon.

10. Paint a picture - with actual paint, but no brushes - of a scene from the canon.

11. Go to a live performance of a Holmesian play.

12. Promote Doyle's Rotary Coffin.

13. Give a copy of The Canon - or any part thereof - to a young person you think might enjoy it. Imaginary bonus RPM if it isn't a family member.

14. Spot a small Sherlock Holmes.

15. Spot a large Sherlock Holmes.

16. Spot a musical Sherlock Holmes.

17. Visit somewhere busy in a Holmesian tee-shirt you made yourself.

18. Share a Holmesian cocktail/mocktail you invented with at least one other Holmesian.

19. Hide a Holmesian item in someone else's house without telling them. Imaginary bonus RPM for every week it stays there without them noticing.

20. Spot a screen Holmesian actor in real life. Imaginary bonus RPM if it someone obscure who played an obscure role.

21. Place a Holmesian flag somewhere very high up.

22. Spot a bird mentioned in The Canon.

23. Spot a street sign which involves the name of an obscure character from The Canon.

24. Encounter an improbable violin.

25. Enjoy a Holmesian feature film you hadn't watched before.

26. Share a Holmesian meal with someone.

27. Wear a deerstalker as far from home as possible.

28. Encounter the most Holmesian water.

29. Eliminate something impossible.

30. Purchase a plaster bust of Napoleon.

31. Make a stack of ten different editions of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

32. Recreate an original Sidney Paget illustration for a Sherlock Holmes story.

33. Meet with five other Holmesians and attempt to murder each other.

34. Spot De Jure inter Gentes.

35. Spot a water vehicle mentioned in The Canon.

36. Make a stack of four different things from The Canon which start with the letter "B".

37. Attempt to shoot a patriotic "VR" into a wall.

38. Recreate a Canonical crime scene.

39. Encounter something that is both astronomical and Holmesian.

40. Encounter something Holmesian and touristy.

41. Encounter both a gemstone and a goose at the same time.

42. Find something from 1895.

43. Prove where Holmes went to university.

44. Make a Holmesian robot.

45. Spot a real life Beryl Coronet.

46. Find a massive Red Circle.

47. Encounter the most Holmesian egg.

48. Encounter both a Copper Beech and a Speckled Band at the same time.

49. Spot a bottle of Petri Wine.

50. Put on a Holmesian puppet show for a bemused friend or family member.

51. Find a Holmesian coin.

52. Find Victor Hatherley's thumb on a window sill.

53. Make the most Holmesian cup of tea.

54. Find something which is both religious and Holmesian.

55. Discover a Holmesian candy wrapper.

56. Dress up as Sherlock Holmes in retirement.

57. Perform some Holmesian horticulture.

58. Pretend to smoke ten pipes at the same time.

59. Discover something Dr. John H. Watson might have owned.

60. Use something Holmesian to help nature.

61 . Buy a Holmesian book from a second-hand book shop.

(*Poirotian is to Hercule Poirot as Holmesian is to Sherlock Holmes.)