Help with The 35 Worst Films Project.

I would love to present more defenses of all 35 of the films in this list. If you would like to help, I would be very grateful.

Here are the simple guidelines:

1. Feel free to defend as many or a few as you like.

2. Your defense can be anything from one sentence to a full on essay. Any style, length or flavour is good.

3. There is no limit to number of defenses a film can have. Just because someone else has already defended it, don't let that stop you having a bash too.

4. If you are only going to defend a few films, please consider defending the ones you like least. It's more fun. Honest.

To submit your defenses please email them to me at Remember to include a title and the name you'd like it credited to.

I've also set my Twitter account up so you can Direct Message me even if we aren't following each other. I am @BaronVonBork.