Sherlock and Watson Disappear

Sherlock and Watson Disappear

by Phil Attwell

The snow was slushy in Baker Street ,but the fire was roaring before Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson.

Watson looked pensive as he exclaimed to Holmes,

"We have a time telegram from Paul Thomas Miller and his Doyles Rotary Coffin Club"

"Just say to him we STILL don't do autographs to sell on eBay !"

"Why do I have to do the reading & replying ,Holmes !

"My dear Watson, it's only a Doyle Plot device !

"Well this time is a reminder that we only have minutes to send in our stories for his webby ring site! It can even be short and sweet !"

"But we both have our reasons ! I am so busy with drugs and violin cases and you're are so busy with your wig surgery . Also I don't really write until I retire to my bees and Doyle does the ghost writing , not you.

Also what's this Doyle coffin reference , he is not dead...."

"Indeed Holmes, but maybe Doyle is dead in this future"

"Oh No! but we might be too !"

"We got an exemption from a starry fellow who wrote a poem about us !"

"What ! But he implies that we don't exist at all !"

Both Holmes and Watson stared at each other , not being sure who was meant to speak next and what to say.

After many years, Holmes broke the silence.

"Well, if some of them think in the future that we don't really exist send them something something really short and sweet as allowed !"

"How about a crumb of plum pudding !" exclaimed Watson.

"Is that Canonical ?"

"Is too late to check , I just send for Billy to wish it there on time"

"And ask what Paul and this clubby club think of this time cake !"