Four Towns

Four Towns Guidelines

  • Four teams to take part, each team to host one round.

  • All galas swim a standard programme.

  • Teams shall be presented to the recorders before the start of the gala

  • All events, including relays, score 4-3-2-1. This applies even if there are less than four teams participating

  • All individual events have minimum times

  • Any swimmer breaking these times retain their time but receive no points. This is not recorded as a d/q.

  • The first swimmer not breaking the minimum time receives maximum points followed by other swimmers not breaking the times.

  • Ages are 9-10-12 -14-open as at midnight of the final event of the four galas

  • 9 yr olds swim 3 relays- f/c, br/s and a medley relay of b/s-br/s, fc & fc

  • 10 yrs and over swim all four strokes plus mixed relays -2 boys &2 girls in any order

  • Galas finish with a 10-1 canon. 1girl, 1 boy from each ascending age group in that order

  • All relays are 2 boys 2 girls of the same age but in any order

  • All swimmers must compete in an individual event in order to qualify for participation in the relays

  • All swimmers must only swim in one age group at any one gala ie no swimming up or down

  • Any swimmer breaking a time should not compete in that event for the rest of the year

  • Over age swimmers should be declared to the recorders before the event