Other Companies We recommend

As of July 30th 2021 we stopped providing service and repair services ourselves but here are the alternatives for you. Please contact one of the companies below as an alternative option.

Other companies we recommend:

For domestic or commercial appliance repairs contact

C K E COMMERCIAL KITCHEN EQUIPMENT REPAIRS https://www.ckerepairs.co.uk/

Email - ckerepairs@outlook.com

Phone Steve on 07922-836-799


For bathrooms, plumbing, replacement radiators and more.

For a craftsman quality job.

Phone Sam on 078837 643205


Boilers, Heating systems, and plumbing.

Service, repairs and installations.

BoilerTech phone Jody on 01268 798888


For repairs and servicing to Boiler and Heating:

Absolute repairs Phone Paul on 07921551320


If you are looking for a new kitchen then we can recommend to you

two local Kitchen companies: