Boiler Services Due

Have you had you boiler serviced in the last 12 months? This video may help you to decide if this is something that you want to ask us to do for you.

Are you thinking about upgrading your Heating or boiler?

There is some good free advice from the energy savings trust go to for more information.

Are you considering replacing your boiler?

A very high efficient boiler designed by British boiler service engineers

who have many years of experience of what makes a first class boiler.

"A" efficiency rated reliable boiler with a lifetime guarantee on the primary heat exchanger and a 10 to 14 year warranty on the whole boiler.

These are available for conventional systems ( using a Hot water tank )

or Combination ( No Hot water tank but Hot water on demand ).

Is you boiler service due? have a look in the list below.

If yours is here then phone the main number and use option 2 . Note that the times in the boiler service Due calendar are not relevant, they are just placed so that they do not overlap in the view.