User help for washing machines

For general advise on how to get the best results from my washing machine click here for a document which you can print off.

Your washing machine is not likely to spin dry a single item. For instance, you may have hand washed a garment and just want it spun dry. The machine will most likely not be able to balance the load of a single item and unless the drum load is sufficiently balanced during the pre-spin stage, it will not engage the spin at all.

If you need to check the filter in your washing machine because you are getting an error message relating to not draining or there is water left in the drum at the end of the spin cycle or the spin cycle has not been successful or the machine won't spin then see this youtube below.

this is an typical example and your machine may vary in detail.

Please be aware that if the washing machine is full of water and you undo the filter at the bottom then you are likely to get a large amount of water on the floor!

Most washing machines have a small black hose close to the filter which is there to allow you to drain out the water into a container before you attempt to open the filter.

Also it is worth noting that the filter can be very stiff to unscrew, particularly if you have had the washing machine for some time.

If your washing machine does not fill with water properly its worth checking the flow of water into the appliance.

turn off the water at the tap where the inlet hose connects to the plumbing,

disconnect the hose from the appliance

put the hose into a large bucket or into the sink

turn on the water tap on the hose,

check that the water flow is a good as the sink tap water flow.

if the flow is slower then check the filter gauze in the hose end.

also check if you have a tap that looks like this that the hose is connected to.

These are prone to blocking up. If you think that this is where the problem is then there is not much you can do to renovate this type ot tap connection. the best thing really is to have a competent person cut off this tap fitting and replace it with an inline machine tap like this.