Oven Help

If you are finding that condensation forms on the inside of the oven door which then drips onto the floor or kitchen furniture below the door then one good way to reduce this problem is to make sure that the oven door is properly hot prior to putting the food in the oven to cook it.

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If your oven is not coming on: the light does not come on and the fan will not run and the heat does not heat up, then it is possible that the oven time clock is on automatic or that the timer has not been set in the clock. The oven clock must be set for the main oven to work on most ovens that have a timer. There are many types to clocks and how to set the clock will depend on which one is on your oven, If you can not find your instructions for how to set the clock then you may be able to find a download version by using our page Directory of makes .