Are you at Risk? Carbon Monoxide

Carbon monoxide is a product of combustion of a burning flame and is most concentrated in a yellow flame like you would get from a candle or burning wood or paper on a fire. Below are some examples of where you might see a yellow flame.

a candle or oil burner

a log or coal burner or barbecue

Clearly some flames are supposed to be yellow like a candle. This burns with a high concentration of carbon monoxide and will poison you if the concentration levels are sufficiently high or you are exposed to it for sufficient time. Lighting

many candles in a poorly ventilated room could pose a high risk.

Some flames are not supposed to be yellow like on your cooker or hob or in your boiler. If this is noticed then the appliance should not be used at all until it has been checked for its safe use by a registered service engineer or installer.

Carbon monoxide is very dangerous and can not be smelled or noticed in any concentration in the air but will have a serious effect on your health.

Depending on the concentration you are exposed to you will feel ill or may just loose consciousness and never wake up!

It is important to get all your flame burning appliances serviced regularly. It does not matter what fuel it runs on, Paraffin, Coal. Oil, Wood, Natural Gas, Calor Gas; It all has the same risk. A yellow flame is producing Carbon Monoxide and if it mixes with the air you are breathing then you will be affected by it.

Look for signs like:

    • Black stains around the appliance, o for on the bottom of a suspan if it is a hob burner.

    • Condensation building up in the room on walls or other surfaces when the appliance is on,

    • The pilot light keeps going out, of the flame is not stable.

    • Getting a head ache when the appliance is on or when you go back home and then recovering when you leave the home is a classic sign of carbon monoxide poisoning.

  • If you are living in a property that you do not own then make sure that the owner has a gas safety inspection carried out each year and make sure that you have a working Carbon Monoxide alarm fitted in a room where you can relax or sleep, on a wall within arms reach, clear of obstructions and not near a window or vent or external door.

    • Be aware, if you live in a home that is connected to another building or apartment, either above, below or by a common wall, then you could be suffering by fumes entering your home from the other building.

    • Fit a Carbon monoxide alarm. It could save your life!

  • Rooms where you could fall asleep are the highest risk, so fit a Carbon Monoxide alarm in a room where you can relax or sleep, on a wall within arms reach, clear of obstructions and in or close to rooms where you can relax or sleep, like the lounge, sitting room, bed room, TV room.

    • Feeling drowsy might be because of that glass of wine and the cosy setting or feeling unwell due to a a cold or something else, but it could also be caused by Carbon Monoxide poisoning.

This short video explains it too.

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