Check list before sending your waders

We will always do our best to get the waders as efficiently and as quickly repaired and returned to you as possible, but you can help us make this easier and quicker for you

When sending waders to us, at the address at the bottom of this page, please DO;

  • send them in a bag ideally, not a box

    • Include an email address, phone number and return address in legible detail please

N.B. No work will be initiated by us unless the appropriate contact details are provided.

    • Leave the braces on.

    • A clear explanation of the fault to be repaired.

    • If possible send in a plastic bag rather than a box. Please use minimal tape.

    • We recommend you identify your waders (name or Initials inside).

    • It makes no difference at this end how you get them to us, any courier or the post office is fine, if you are in the area you can drop them off.

Please DO NOT;

  • Send wader bags, important boxes or belts (this will considerably slow down their return and its just not possible to store a box for every wader we get)

  • Mummify the package with tape, we want to be able to get in without a knife.

  • Write the note to me with your feet, or put a paper note in with wet waders. The note will be illegable and the waders will go mouldy.

Contact me by email of email is by far the best way to contact me.

By phone monday - friday 0900 - 1700 on 07970041452

When they arrive I will test them, email a report including faults found, repair choices, time scale costs and payment methods. Worst case is a full seamseal, repairing all the pin holes, cuts and scrape leaks we find, and this is £45 plus postage of £10 and takes a week to two weeks to complete. A few pin holes or a small cut is far cheaper and we advise on these kinds of problems when we see the waders. We can accept basically any payment method and will send details of this with the report.

We don’t charge if we cannot repair them, other than return costs, and will advise if we think they will be a problem, but very few are. Even if it’s a disaster we can offer warranty replacement waders with huge discounts, these start at £75 inc seamseal, testing, years guarantee and postage. or anytime!

Diver Daves Wader Repairs

113 Jesmond Road

Bridge of Don



07970041452 - monday - friday, 0900 to 1700 only please

No chance of getting into this one without a knife!