We will never send a wader out without testing it a number of times, probably 3 times + and will normally have at least 3 of us doing the final test. We do this to ensure we don’t miss any leaks. It is not impossible that we miss a leak, however it is also not impossible that they may be damaged in transport, dressing or undressing or even in use. If the problem is something like a stud projecting into a boot, or a similar physical problem, then this must be repaired before you use the repaired waders, or it will simply burst it again. We see this from time to time and thankfully we can generally see the problem quickly and advise. Similarly, a seam leak at some points are caused by ill fitting waders. You are stronger than any seam and if this is the case you will open the seam regardless of the repairs carried out. I am always happy to advise on these problems. They have leaked in the past in most cases and this is why we have them after all!

If your waders leak after we have sealed them, just call me and send them back. Be as accurate as possible with regard to what you think may have caused them to leak again, this helps our R&D. We keep detailed records of all our repairs, often with photos, so any new leaks are of interest to us, we want to know how and why they leaked, as this helps us in the future. To date we have never had a seam we have sealed leak. However porous areas are an issue and if you have waders that are porous then we can only extend their use a little.

We are happy to guarantee our work for a year. If we repair your waders, we expect the repair to last for years. The vast majority do, as the seams, the main leak points have now been totally sealed and really cannot leak again. The sealant we use is far stronger then the material. However we cannot guarantee that the wader material will last forever. If a wader has a large number of pin holes in it when it comes to us (our record is over 150, with all seams leaking and porous areas, and they are still dry) then something is puncturing it in use or storage. Once we have repaired it, the punctures the waders will be dry, but we can only fix the pin holes present when testing and new pin holes obviously will not be guaranteed. Lets face it, if you have had waders for 10 months and have punctured it 10 times a trip, then when you use them for the first time after repair it is reasonable to expect you will puncture them again! However in our experience, the vast majority of wader problems come from the seams or previous repairs.

We cannot guarantee porous or delaminated areas in waders. This happens when a wader has been stored for prolonged periods of time or has been used whilst leaking badly for a long period of time. If they are very mouldy this can also cause them to become porous. We will seal the porous or delaminated areas, and they may well last for years once done. However they may also only last a few months. We are improving the treatment of porous waders (it is actually very rare to happen and is restricted to a small number of fabrics and brands) and our results have been excellent to date. We are happy to treat new areas, and will do this at a considerably reduced cost for you. Stockings and perished boots cannot be quaranteed. Once the material is perishing badly they are on their last legs, we will help you by sealing them, and they will not leave us until air tight, we have had some last years, others last weeks, if we get them early enough we can stop the problems, and if we are lucky they will last for years. However, once a waders fabric is largely broken down there is little anyone can do.

Our warranty will cover seam leaks and pin holes present when we repaired them, and not new pin holes. It also covers alterations we do. It does not cover repairs not done by ourselves.

It does not cover new leaks or damaged caused in use after repair. We cannot warranty waders that are porous or material that is breaking down, but this is rare and you will know if this is the case. We can get these watertight, but never know how long they will last.

We cannot guarantee waders zips. We guarantee the seams holding them in, and the work we have done to them, but use and missuse can damage a zip at any time.

We are totally reasonable about new damage, and warranty leaks. If your waders leak after repair, just send them to us and we will test them. If one of our repairs is leaking we will repair this free of charge. If we are unsure if the problem is a repair of ours that has failed, or are unsure of the cause (and it is within 12 months) we will repair it free of charge. If it is new damage, or your previous repair that has failed, we will only charge a minimal fee, typically just the return postage.

If your wader is lost or damaged in transit from us to you it is insured, if we use our courier service, if it is not transported by our courier (YOU USE YOUR OWN COURIER OR INSIST WE USE ANOTHER POSTAL SERVICE) we offer no warranty against loss or damage. If waders are lost, or for any other reason we have to replace them we will offer a suitable replacement pair, however we cannot guarantee any particular brand, just that the waders will be of the same size and will have a years guarantee.

Basically, if we seal your waders and they leak just send them back, we will always try to help and be total fair and reasonable. Even if the leak is not our fault we will only charge a minimal fee to get them airtight for you.


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