Wader Sales

To choose your new waders you must decide:

  • What style and material you want, breathable, neoprene or PVC, stocking foot, boot foot, waist or chest.

  • I need an accurate chest or biggest body size in inches, measured over a Tee shirt to the nearest half inch, please measure and don't take sizes off clothes, that just does not work. Please don't measure over your fishing jumper, it has to be over a single thin layer.

  • Inside leg from crotch to mid ankle bone, you will need an assistant for this.

  • Normal shoe size, not wader boot size or welly size, its normal shoe I need.

  • I need it done like this so we all measure the same way. If you give me approximate sizes I will send you waders that approximately fit, so lets do it right, and measure properly.

  • I can do matching wading boots for your new waders, if you want boots let me know if you want rubber of felt soles, we can discuss this if you are unsure. We can also discuss boots that will fit properly with the soles that match the environment.

Before deciding which wader to buy you need to decide if it's breathable, neoprene or PVC, boot foot or stocking foot, chest, waist or thigh waders that you need. Some have a front zip to aid dressing and peeing, get one if you need one. They are a potential leak point if abused, but last years with just a little care. Every zipped wader has a diagram in it showing how to use them, basically keep the zip fully open or fully closed. We also sell wader boots, both felt and rubber soled, studded and unstudded.

Then consider kind of fishing are you planning, salt or fresh water, not all waders are suitable for all environments and typically the lighter travel type waders are not suitable for wild jungle, salt water or fishing involving lots of walking.

Do you have an idea of budget, please put a number on this, so I have something to work to? You need to be realistic, if you are salt water fishing, doing lots of walking, which is about the harshest fishing you get, then the lightest cheapest wader is not going to last, its not designed for this, and that's why the manufacturers make stronger and more expensive waders!

To find your size I need

  • an accurate chest size, or largest body measurement in inches to ½ inch accuracy, measured over a Tee shirt,

  • inside leg from crotch to ankle bone and

  • normal shoe size. From that I can check what will fit you best and then I can advise.

Not every wader make or model fits everybody shape and size and we find that this is one of the main causes of leaks. Please measure accurately, guessing and taking sizes off clothes simply will not work, you will get the wrong size of waders. They will leak for sure.

I have or can get waders from xxs to xxl full body, and have waders in standard, long, short and king size fittings, so will easily match your size, and if we cannot match off the shelf, then we can alter them to make them fit.


I have decided to change the way I sell new waders. From now, any new wader I sell will have a 2 year guarantee. How it will work is this, we will help you find the wader that best matches your size, requirements and planned fishing environment. Once we have identified the wader, we will send it out after just checking it over for you. We will still offer our generous discounts in the same way as we always have and no prices are changing. During the first year they will have the manufacturers usual guarantee.

Then after a seasons use, send them back, we will test, seamseal and make any repairs and will then guarantee them for a further year. Any warranty repairs will be free of course, all and any damage you do will be just £10, plus postage if required. Obviously any waders we offer this with will have to be models we know will actually last over 2 years of normal use – many will not.

I am doing this because we can, and also because some folks were abusing how we sold waders, and sent them back knowing they had hooked them or similarly damaged them for a free service after 11 plus months. In many cases they either had very obvious non warranty damage or simply did not leak and it was simply for a free check over. We discussed this, narrowed down the common offenders to a few post code areas and then decided to formalise it to make it better for all our customers. Initially I will only offer this on my new waders, ones we don’t have to alter to make them fit but I will look at how I can offer it for all the waders we sell in time.

I have some basic rules up, just simple ones that lay out how this will work, so customers know exactly what they are getting, what they can expect and what will be warranty and what will be non-warranty. However, I am looking at making this £10 plus postage for all normal use related damage, so all hook and thorn damage, a bit of a rip from barbed wire and the like. The wader has to be intact, not bits like legs or feet missing!

Hopefully our customers will enjoy this new deal. I know many of my customers will always want them seam sealed before we dispatch them, so I am looking at a way we can do a deal on this as well, but this will be some way down the line if I can do it.

Because we match each angler to a wader, we don't currently sell them on line, and the best way to buy them is to email Dave for details, with the information below to hand.

07970041452 - monday - friday, 0900 to 1700 only please

dave@wader-repair.co.uk or dave@davegordon.co.uk anytime!