I get asked a lot of questions about how to keep your waders in good condition, so thought i would do some posts to help with this. So first off, always wear a thin one size fits all supermarket cheap sock on the outside of your wader stocking. It acts as a sacrificial layer, which wears rather then the neoprene stocking. Just put it on, tuck it under the gravel guard and forget it, it will easily last a season for most freshwater anglers. Salt water anglers will probable need to change it more often, but that goes for most kit used in salt water!

This weeks tip. Always dry your waders inside first, then the outside. The outside should be treated with a water repellent, to make sure it breaths (water vapour cannot pass liquid water, so if your waders outside are wetted they need to be treated with something like our Repel) so a quick shake or the walk back to the car should see them dry. But the inside of the waders will take a very long time to dry, particularly if you have been sweating – remember the waders will be damp inside if its hot and humid. If your brow or shirt is damp then of course the inside of the wader will be damp, it’s a breathable membrane, not a magic clothes dryer. And here is the problem. If you leave them damp they get smelly and can get mouldy. The mould can breach the membrane, and this causes damp patches and eventually delaminates the fabric of the wader, making them leak.

We can fix delamination caused by mould, but it’s a slower repair, and much more extensive usually than delamination caused by rubbing. We have a protective patch for this. These waders were just an example of a average wader we see weekly. These are now watertight, breathing properly and home with their owner.