Utility "Smart" Meters

"Smart" meters are the gas, electric, water and solar utility meters being put on homes to replace the old analog meters ("smart" being a marketing term used by industry to psychologically steer consumers to adopt these devices -- inferring "smart" is a good choice). 
  • If the gas, electric and water meter(s) on your home no longer have the little dials that spin around but now have a digital display, you have a smart meter -- and the industry now has some newer units made to look like the older ones with dials, but that also emit microwave radiation using digital technology. If there is an FCC ID number somewhere on the face of the meter, then the device is transmitting data using wireless radiation. 

  • Some communities converted to digital meters so they no longer have to pay workers to walk from house to house doing monthly meter readings. They can have an employee do a drive-by instead, aiming their data reader from the street at your meter to track your usage. In communities that have gone on the "smart grid", the drive-by readings are eliminated and the data is sent via wireless radiation to the utility company. From a business model, this makes sense for cost saves. 

  • As cost-saving as this is, the smart meters emit high amounts of wi-fi radiation 24/7 and it goes through the walls and into our homes, schools and businesses.  Where housing units are close together, multitudes of meters are mounted in a bank where radiation exposure compounds.

  • In some systems, the digital data collected from the "smart" meters travels from house to house in a grid, compounding as it goes so that houses further down the line are getting radiation exposure exponentially. The data goes to a transfer station which sends it to a third-party analyst who may sell your usage data to smart appliance and other manufacturers. Some see this as an invasion of privacy. Since the data is sent via wireless signals, there are no secure wires to protect your data and it is therefore far easier to hack into. Criminals could identify your patterns and know when the way is clear to break into your homes and businesses. Further, from a national security standpoint, undesirables could readily shut down the entire grid leaving us vulnerable and stranded in the dark without water, gas or electricity.  
  • Our bodies need a break from the wi-fi radiation we are constantly bathed in. If the smart meters and other devices are emitting radiation 24/7, it can be harmful to our cells, disrupt our circadian rhythm, and impair the required cell repair and regeneration while we sleep that otherwise keeps us healthy.  The result is a toxic build-up that shows up sooner rather than later in some as behavioral problems that look like ADD or Autism, sleep disruption, fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, nosebleeds, skin rashes/flushing and more.  The long-term accumulative effects may include cancers, infertility, genotoxicity, neurotoxicity and more. See the Science page.
  • Please see the brochure Are-They-Smart-for-You-v3.pdf for a good visual of how the smart grid works and additional information. 

  • Thank you to StopSmartMetersBC.com for compiling a list of Canadian and U.S. areas with opt-outs:


  • This one-minute video illustrates how utility meters, in this case water meters, pulse radiation:

  • The following article illustrates how communities are starting to tune in to this issue. Out in the Berkshires in Massachusetts, residents, including a doctor, are raising the health issue with the digital water meters and their State Representative is listening:

    New water meters spark radiation fears in Housatonic

  • After citizens educated their neighbors and public servants on the risks, the Town of Wayland, Massachusetts in 2018 Did Not Pass Article 24 for Advanced Water Meter Reading Infrastructure:


  • Smart meters and faulty wiring can cause dirty electricity in the extremely low frequency (ELF) range. The major cause of ELF magnetic fields are wiring violations of the electric code. There are 3 wires for electricity: hot, neutral, and ground. The neutral and ground should only be connected where the electricity enters a building. This means the current in the hot and neutral wires are the same but flowing in an opposite direction. If this is the case there is zero ELF magnetic fields (+1 ampere, plus -1 ampere equals zero amperes and thus zero ELF magnetic fields).

    An all too common problem (and violation of the National Electric Code [NEC]) is the neutral and ground wires are connected together within a building. This means that an ELF magnetic fields will exist because the current in the hot and neutral wires are no longer equal.


  • People are already getting sick, and some municipalities have taken action. The State of Hawaii has arranged for an "opt-in" if a smart meter is desired, rather than blanketing the entire society:


  • Massachusetts has a bill to allow ratepayers to choose an analog meter without being penalized by a fee. See all eight of the MA bills below, and consider sharing these with your local, state and federal public servants as most have only been told of the financial benefits of wireless technology without being informed of the biological radiation risks:


  • Smart Meter Education Network out of Michigan aims to support the fight against smart meters for the protection of one's health, privacy and the environment. This group offers how-to information:


  • Consider hosting a screening of the film Generation Zapped in your community to educate your friends, family and public servants:


  • Dr. Tim Schoechle, Ph.D. presents Getting Smarter About the "Smart Grid": The Technological Alternative Needed for a Successful Energy Economy, a one-hour talk and Q&A given at Creating Safe Havens in a Toxic, Electromagnetic World, a conference hosted by the International Institute for Building-Biology & Ecology:
  • Dr. Darren Schmidt, Chiropractor, explains how "smart" meters affect your body:

  • Stopsmartmeters.org lists some lawsuits that have been won, and others that lost but offer lessons learned:

Addressing Controversy with Research
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Note: The information provided here is publicly available on the Internet.  
It is intended to provide a starting point to inform you of EMF dangers.  
Please do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and act accordingly to protect those you love.

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Oct 7, 2015, 12:42 PM