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When I first learned about biological effects from wi-fi's low-level radiation, engineers and physicists in my community had a hard time believing there could be a hazard at the non-thermal level. I am very grateful to the following for providing the evidence of harm. These references will help you to understand that the theory which indicates we must create heat to cause harm is now outdated. This means our FCC guidelines, which are based only on thermal effects and do not take into consideration the non-thermal effects, do not protect the public.
  • Dr. Martin Pall, wireless radiation expert, explains that it is not necessarily the power level that is the main issue. The spiked, erratic, digital radiofrequency radiation pulse that carries data is the hazard. Wireless technology sends many bursts of pulsed electromagnetic radiation per second, and this constant, erratic square-wave pulse is what is damaging our cells at the voltage-gated calcium channels, and creating a host of illnesses in our bodies. He talks us through it here in a 16-minute lecture:


  • In the link to Dr. Pall’s work above, we learn that wi-fi radiation causes a particularly damaging free radical called peroxynitrite that leads to a host of health issues. In the following paper, a researcher has pulled together U.S. government database statistics on 40 diseases that have more than doubled in the U.S. since 1990. The common denominator is that all are tied to peroxynitrite. Peroxynitrite is caused by wireless radiation and other environmental toxins. Please see this report, it identifies the skyrocketing rates of autism, Alzheimer’s, bi-polar, chronic fatigue, sleep disruption, thyroid disease, social and emotional issues, and more: 


    By simply using hard-wired technology instead of radiation-emitting wireless, we could dramatically reduce our risks of these diseases. If we don’t, the trajectory is that we will continue to become sicker and sicker as a nation, and as a world. 

  • Columbia University’s Dr. Martin Blank speaks on behalf of more than 200 non-industry funded electromagnetic field (EMF) scientists and engineers from around the world who are urging the United Nations and World Health Organization to protect the public from wireless radiation. Please see the International EMF Scientists Appeal here, and Dr. Blank's three-minute video introduction: 
  • Electrical Engineer Professor Om Ghandi, Ph.D., has proven that children and fetuses absorb more radiation than even adults as their brains are more aqueous and their skulls are thinner. You can see his work and contact him here with questions:

  • The BioInitiative Report contains peer-reviewed, non-industry funded studies from around the world that show biological effects at the non-thermal level. To access searchable summaries of the research done, see Dr. Henry Lai's work at:
  • Silicon Valley engineer Jeromy Johnson became ill when a bank of utility "smart meters" was installed beneath his living quarters. This set him on a journey to understand the biological effects of electromagnetic radiation. He discusses the issue and offers solutions in this 16-minute TedX-BerkeleyTalk:

  • Jeromy Johnson also published the following article in The Bent, the National Engineering Honor Society magazine. The organization has a membership of 87,000 engineers across the country. The article succinctly summarizes how EMF science now shows that wireless technology can harm our health and offers solutions for our society:

  • Dr. Barrie Trower, Royal Navy microwave weapons expert and physicist from the U.K., explains how microwave radiation is used as a human warfare weapon. He indicates wireless radiation is particularly damaging to the DNA of fetuses and children, and should not be allowed in schools:

  • Technology should not be rolled out until it is proven biologically safe but that did not happen with wireless and cellular products. Harvard University's Captured Agency report explains how the telecommunications industry marketed products without proper safety testing and are now deploying big tobacco tactics to suppress evidence of harm:

  • When Microsoft Canada President Frank Clegg retired, he sought out a dozen of the world's top scientists in electromagnetic fields (EMFs). He came back realizing our electromagnetic radiation public exposure limits in North America are not safe. Please see this briefing which he and Nobel Peace Prize co-laureate Dr. Devra Davis gave to the Massachusetts legislature. Mr. Clegg believes, given a nudge, the industry can absolutely create technology that is not only safe, but faster and less expensive. Please see their talk here:

  • This five-part cable series explains this complex issue in what some have found to be a very down-to-earth way. When viewed on YouTube, you will be able to access links below each video to the scientific evidence and other important resources. Each episode averages just 30 minutes so you'll be able to digest new information before moving onto the next episode:

  • This issue didn't really sink in for me until I could see and hear it for myself. I invested in a $400 Acoustimeter and my local cable station helped do a walk-through video in my home. We identified the wireless radiation emission sources, measured them, and offer solutions for safe technology access:

  • I hope you will really examine the peer-reviewed, non-industry funded evidence that wireless technology is biologically hazardous, and that our world scientists recognize this as the biggest public health threat we have ever faced. It is tempting to want to believe the industry spin in popular magazines and industry trade journals, but the independent peer-reviewed, published science, combined with medical cases, should be our sources of credible information.

  • Please explore the rest of this research repository to launch your investigation, particularly the pages on 5G & IoT, Cell Towers, Utility "Smart: Meters, and Impact on ChildrenDon't hesitate to reach out to the many experts included herein, they would be honored to speak with you. 

  • Once you've done your independent review, I hope you will use your voice and talents to help be part of the solution.  

  • Here's the roadmap: the policy paper, Re-Inventing Wires: The Future of Landlines and Networks," details why the U.S. and our communities should instead invest in hard-wired telecommunications infrastructure to support economic growth, bridge the digital divide and diminish risks to security, privacy, public health and the environment.

  • In the meantime, please consider hard-wiring what you can, set your mobile devices to airplane mode, and only use active mode sparingly, when you have no access to a hard-wired connection. Please also be mindful of the second-hand radiation to which you expose others, especially our most vulnerable populations of children, fetuses, the elderly, and those with known health conditions. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Note: The information provided here is publicly available on the Internet.  
It is intended to provide a starting point to inform you of EMF dangers.  
Please do your own research, draw your own conclusions, and act accordingly to protect our world and those you love.