Cece Doucette


I am a communications professional with a Bachelor in Communication Studies and a Master's of Technical and Professional Writing from Northeastern University. 

Why I Care

While my children were in school, I helped run seven campaigns for the Ashland Education Foundation in Massachusetts to bring technology into the schools to support what we were hearing was needed for the 21st Century Classroom. I then served as the district's grant coordinator and helped secure many grants for iPads, Chrome Books, Apple TV, smart boards and more -- what we thought was great new wireless technology. 

Then an electrical engineer friend mention there could be biological risks from the electromagnetic fields of radiation (EMFs) emitted by all wireless technology so I began to investigate. I discovered there was more information available than I could keep track of, so I built this simple research repository to reference important information. 

Being Part of the Solution

I was raised in a single-parent family of ten children, and my Mom taught us if we bring up a problem, we should do our best to pitch in and be part of the solution. 

So, my goal is to give the public the right to know wireless technology is hazardous, and teach safer ways to use today's technology until the industry brings biologically safe mobile technology to market. The message is not "no technology" but rather "safe technology".

On the local level, I have:
On the state level, I have:
On the national level I have:
On the international level I have:
  • Been featured in the award-winning documentary Generation Zapped, and co-hosted many screenings of the film
  • Presented in the EMF Health Summit and the 5G Crisis: Awareness and Accountability Summit
  • Co-founded and serve as the Education Services Director for the non-profit Wireless Education; we distill the international EMF science and medical best practices into 30-minute on-line courses that quickly teach schools, families and work forces the risks of wireless radiation and safer technology use
  • Collaborated with leading EMF scientists, doctors, public health experts and environmentalists to educate the world on technology safety
Consulting Availability

I have walked away from my technical and professional writing career and am grateful to be doing work to help others migrate toward safe technology solutions.

If you would like my assistance with educating family and friends, communities, schools, town boards, legislators, professional associations or others, please contact me at to discuss affordable rates for my time and travel expenses. 


If you have found my research repository helpful, donations are welcome via PayPal using my email address for my account. Please contact me if you prefer to send a check. Thank you.