Workshop 2020 January

The INCOSE International Workshop (IW) will be held in Torrance, CA, on Sat-Tue, Jan 25 to 28, 2020. Below are the topics to be addressed by the Systems Science Working Group at the INCOSE workshop.

The workshop presentations have been posted here.

There will be a Systems Thinking RoundTable from 7-8 am in Suite __ every morning, Sat-Tue. Please grab your coffee and Danish and join us!


Saturday Jan 25

1a Introductions and Welcome to SSWG (Javier Calvo, James Martin, and Swami Natarajan)

1b Foundations for vision 2035 (Bill Schindel)

1c An overview on systems science for systems engineers (Javier Calvo)

1d New Definitions of SE & System (James Martin, Dorothy McKinney)

Sunday Jan 26

2a Systems principles as activity drivers (Javier Calvo)

2b ISSS Grand Vision and A strategic plan for system science (Gary Smith)

2c SystemMaps: Integrated Systems Modeling (Swami Natarajan)

2d Future of Systems Engineering (FuSE) Initiative (Bill Miller / Javier Calvo)

2e Foundations for Systems Engineering (F4SE) (Paul Schrienemakers, James Martin, Ron Luman and Javier Calvo)

Monday Jan 27

3a Systems Processes Theory (SPT) and Systems Pathologies (Len Troncale)

3b Natural Models For Systems Engineering (Joint Session with Natural Systems WG) (Curt McNamara)

3c Systems Science Fieldguide - Helping You Get Better Systems Results (Lynn Rasmussen)

3d Category Theory (Mike Watson)

Tuesday Jan 28

4a Pattern Literacy (Helene Finidori)

4b Human Factors in Systems Science (Sue Gabriele)

4c Roundtable Discussion / Debrief (Swami Natarajan)