Workshop 2022 January

The INCOSE International Workshop (IW) is being held as a hybrid event from Sat-Tue, Jan.29-31, 2022. Below are the topics to be addressed by the Systems Science Working Group at the INCOSE workshop.

The workshop presentations have been posted here.

Saturday Jan 29

PST Duration

1030 1 hr 1a Welcome to SSWG (Javier Calvo and James Martin)

1300 2 hr 1b Systems Science and Enterprise Systems (Javier Calvo, James Martin and Tom McDermott )

1530 1.5 hrs 1c Future of Systems Science (George Mobus )

Sunday Jan 30

PST Duration

0900 3 hrs 2a Systems Science and Natural Systems (Javier Calvo and Curt McNamara )

1300 2 hrs 2b Category Theory (Complex Systems WG, Systems Science WG, NIST )

1530 1.5 hrs 2c Category Theory Discussion (Complex Systems WG, Systems Science WG, NIST )

Monday Jan 31

PST Duration

0900 1hrs 3a SE Principles and Heuristics (David Rousseau )

1000 2hrs 3b Transdisciplinary Systems Engineering (Michael Pennotti, David Rousseau, Peter Brook ) - 3 links. one file per author.

1300 2hrs 3c Critical Systems Thinking and Practice (Mike C. Jackson )

1530 1.5 hrs 3d AI and ISO 15288 (Gary Smith )