Workshop 2019 January

The INCOSE International Workshop (IW) will be held in Torrance, CA, on Sat-Tue, Jan 26 to 29, 2019. Below are the topics to be addressed by the Systems Science Working Group at the INCOSE workshop.

The workshop presentations have been posted here.

There will be a Systems Thinking RoundTable from 7-8 am in Suite __ every morning, Sat-Tue. Please grab your coffee and Danish and join us!

List of SSWG Topics for IW19

(see file below for detailed agenda)

1) Introduction

      • a) Grand Vision for Systems Science (Tuddenham)

      • b) Systems Principles Action Group Report (Rousseau/Calvo)

      • c) Recent & Future Systems Science Activities (Calvo)

      • d) New Definitions of SE & System (Martin/McKinney)

2) Sys Sci for Sys Engr (SS4SE), 7 hrs

      • a) Systems science integration (G Smith)

      • b) Systems science enterprise (J Martin)

      • c) Systemology - Principles and Laws (Rousseau/Calvo/Billingham)

      • d) Systemic transformations (Smith)

      • e) System Fundamentals (Swami)

      • f) Isomorphies & grand sequence (Troncale/Smith)

      • g) Systems Science Foundations for Architecture & Design (Swami)

3) Systems Research & Development, 10 hrs

      • a) SSM-TRIZ methodology (Phillips), 2 hrs

      • b) Systems Principles for Designing Human Activity Systems (Calvo/Rousseau), 1-2 hrs

      • c) Human Agency in Social Systems (Gabriele), 2 hrs

      • d) Pathologies of SE Projects (Troncale), 3 hrs

      • e) Science Basis for Systems Mimicry (Troncale/Anway) – Joint with NSWG, 2 hrs

4) Systems Literacy (Tuddenham), 3 hrs

5) System Patterns & Languages (Schindel)

6) Category Theory (Lloyd)

7) SEBOK Part 2 - SE Fundamentals (Adcock)