Hair Extension Care

Hair Extension Care

Thank you for choosing Stylistics Hair Extensions. When you follow these simple guidelines to maintain your extensions, they will continue to look and feel natural for the first 2-4 months and also for a further 2-4 months when they are re-applied.

First Week: For the first few days of your style, the extensions will feel a bit tight. This is normal and to be expected. After about 3-5 days it will feel perfectly natural and settle . If after this time any of the beads/bonds are causing discomfort, inform your stylist and removal of the bead/bond can be a solution.

It is completely normal to lose up to 10 single strand extensions in the first week. (Most people only lose 2 or 3 and some people lose none). Don’t worry, this is completely natural and wont make a difference to the overall look of your style.

Your extensions will appear slightly thin and poker straight when first put in. After 3 or 4 washes they will puff out, become thicker and blend in with your natural hair.

Brushing: You will need to brush through your extensions thoroughly no less than once per day. Part it in layers from the bottom and work through each section. This will avoid matting and tangling

Brush, starting at the ends of the hair, holding each section firmly just above where brushing. Work your way up and when reaching the bonds, press your hand firmly down over them for support.

The right kind of brush is extremely important. Always use a brush that is firm but flexible. We recommend using a nylon boar bristle like brush. Never use the kind with the ''nubs'' at the end of the bristles. They will damage your extension hair.

Don't brush harshly and tug hair extensions as it can loosen and damage the connection that holds them to your scalp.

Matting/tangling can be common after a couple of weeks wear especially at the back/middle of the head where you can forget to brush through.

To reduce matting over time, you can slide your fingers through the bonds and gently separate them to make sure there are no tangles and no hair has been caught up in them.

Washing: Wash your hair once or twice a week. (Use dry shampoo in between if necessary). Always brush out knots before you wash.

Use a good quality shampoo and conditioner and make sure it is protein free, sulphate free and a shampoo for 'normal hair'

You want one that will clean your hair gently without causing any damage. Do not buy products meant for damaged or dry hair. Those will over-moisturize the bonds on your extensions and can cause slippage.

If you need to wash the top of your hair (crown and frontal area) this can be done each day. The extension hair is not attached to the root so it wont get greasy like your natural hair would. Because its not attached to the root, there are no natural oils to keep it healthy so over washing and over styling can have a drying effect on the hair over time.

When washing avoid circular motions which will cause the hair to tangle. Instead, squeeze the shampoo into the extension hair or wash your natural hair on top and let the shampoo run down through the extensions. Make sure you shampoo in between the beads/bonds working from scalp to root to keep scalp clean and free from bacteria.

Rinse thoroughly.

Apply a moisturising conditioner, avoid using it on the scalp as it may cause slippage of the beads/bonds.

Pat dry. Do not rub or twist the hair while wet. Dry using a hair dryer on a low heat or alternatively, allow to dry naturally.

Use oils and a deep conditioner or mask once a week to keep extensions soft and shiny.

Microrings/Microwefts can be washed immediately after insertion.

Keratin Bonds can be washed 48-72 days after insertion. This is important so that water does not get into the bond, loosen it and cause it to fall out

Sleeping/Styling/Colouring: At bedtime, you can braid the extension hair into one or two braids or form a bun at the top of your head and secure with a soft scrunchie to keep it from tangling.

For extra care use leave in conditioners or serums. Use a heat protective spray before curling, straightening etc.

Try to limit straightening and curling with heated products to once or twice a week.

Perming and relaxing are not recommended as they badly matt and tangle the extension hair.

We don’t recommend colouring or bleaching extensions. Although it is safe and many clients do it, we cannot stand over and guarantee the hair once it has been altered by chemical colouring due to the fact that the chemicals in the extension hair may not be compatible with the product you use so it may cause damage to the bonds and/or the extension hair.

Swimming/Sunbathing/Exercising: If you are going swimming, comb out any knots out beforehand, put your extensions into a braid or form a bun at the top of your head and secure with a soft scrunchie. Wear a swim cap made of latex to protect your extensions.

Following your swim, wash your hair immediately to remove any damaging chemical that may have gotten under your swim hat.

For extra care, put a conditioner or leave in conditioner in your hair and leave it in for the duration of your swim.

If sunbathing, wear a hat or scarf so that the sun does not dry out your extensions. This also applies to sun bed usage.

When training, exercising or exerting your body temperature, tie your hair up and use a headband to prevent your hair tangling and knotting in the heat.

Maintenance and extension removal: Your extensions can be either removed or retightened after 2-4 months depending on what type of extension you've had put in, the growth of your natural hair and how well the extensions have been looked after.

You should not attempt to remove the extensions yourself. Your stylist can remove or retighten them correctly without causing damage to your natural hair.

When removing your extensions you will notice that some of your own hair will come out with them. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about. People naturally lose around 100 strands of hair a day. Your natural hair has been clamped into a bead or a bond for 2-4months and as not been able to fall out naturally.

6 months is the recommended maximum time you should wear extensions for. Leaving them in any longer no matter how well you look after them is not advised as it puts the natural hair under strain from the root.

You should always give your natural hair a break after a couple of months and once you do this, you can have extensions fitted again. If you’ve had extensions in for 4 months you should take a 4 week break. If they’ve been in 6 months, a 6 week break is recommended.

When your microring extensions start to fall out, you can keep them and have them re-inserted.



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