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Want instant long flowing hair? Tired of waiting for your hair to grow out? Looking for a change in your style? Or just want a bit of fun with your hair?If your frantically answering yes to any of the above questions then let me be the first to welcome you to the idea of having Hair Extensions applied. All the celebs have done it and now it's you're turn! Numerous salons across Ireland are now offering you the opportunity to have Hair Extensions applied, so why not take advantage of this?Hair Extensions can dramatically change your look and style and best of all they can be matched to your own hair so no one will even know you are wearing them, unless of course you tell them you are.

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Get the perfect Hairstyle with Hair Extensions

Imagine being able to create any hairstyle you have ever wanted, whether you prefer wearing your hair up or down, regardless of the length, thickness or style of your locks, well with the help of hair extensions you are given the opportunity to do exactly this. They represent a trend that have come a long way since they first hit the beauty scene back in the 1980's; now they are one of the most sought after styles that you have ever come across.

Due to the advancement associated with extensions there are a number of aspects that you need to be aware of before you go and get them applied. When you do book your appointment to get them applied your stylist will go over these aspects with you but just be aware of them before hand. An example of one of these aspects is the fact there are a number of different types of extensions available to you. Remy hair, which is one of the highest quality available. This hair is sourced from Indian temples and is done in a way that ensures the cuticles are all kept in the same direction, keeping the hair in the best condition possible.

With a type of extension such as Remy hair, you are provided with all of the right components needed to ensure you can treat your extensions in the same manner that you would treat your natural locks, this is because they have all of the ability to go through shampooing, styling etc, meaning you can create whatever look you want or need. One of the reasons for this is thanks to the revolutionary way in which they are attached to your natural locks; they use a bond that is made up of a protein/keratin mix, which is designed to be able to withstand even then harshest processes to your hair. There is no other type of extension on the market that matches the bonding method of this type of extension and it is hard to match the quality of it as well. Remy hair is generally the choice of

a lot of celebs and thanks to the many salons all across Ireland they are also now widely available to everyone.

Deciding on the type of hair extension that you have applied is just one of the decisions that you have to make, another is the length that you want to have them applied. The length available generally goes up to 26". One point that may help you make the decision of what length you want applied is the fact the longer the hair the older it is going to be. Any real/human hair that is around the length of 26" is going to be roughly eight to ten years old and for that reason it will have started to lose some of its quality.

If you want some of the best looking extensions then our advice to you is to aim for a length of about 22" or less, one of the most popular being 18"


These are just two of the considerations you should keep in mind when you book your consultation appointment with your stylist but don't worry if you still haven't decided what you want as your stylist is the best person to help you make these decisions. Your stylist will be able to help you by basing their decision on aspects such as your hair type.So just make sure that if you are getting hair extensions applied that you get yourself a consultation appointment before hand to ensure you know exactly what you are having done and you know exactly how to take care of them.

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Hair Trends 2013

Gaining long locks that are full of body and texture and that are glossy and smooth is the dream of women around the globe, however sadly for a lot of us we haven't succeeded in gaining such hair since we were young teenagers. This is because growing your hair out can take years and for a lot of us we lose the patience for doing this, I mean let's face it we don't want our hair to be stuck in that middle faze where it is obvious we are trying our best to grow it out, we want instant glossy long locks that we can truly be proud of, which is why so many of us are now turning to the help of extensions.

Hair extensions can be fun, fashionable and practical but on top of this they can be the perfect way to successfully grow your hair out. The reason I say this is because while you're waiting for your natural locks to grow you don't have to be stuck with hair that looks like you are growing it out, instead you will have a full bodied head of hair while you can grow your locks out in secret. Also if you have tried and tried to get your hair to grow but you aren't getting anywhere with it then hair extensions can be your perfect answer.

There are a number of reasons surrounding the decision of having extensions applied. The majority of people use them in the exact way that they were intended, which is to add length, however as they have grown in popularity and come along way in terms of how they look they can now be used for a variety of reasons as well as adding length. An example of this can be seen within the fact a lot of people rely on extensions as a means of adding volume to their hair. If you have naturally thin locks then they allow you to build up your locks to give you full body and texture.

Colour is another reason as to why you may experiment with this hair trend. If you are thinking of having bold sections of colour placed into your locks but you are worried as to what the results will look like you can use extensions to place blocks of colour in so you can see the desired effects without using harsh chemicals and bleach on your hair. Also one last reason for wearing them is if you are getting married. A lot of brides rely on extensions as a means of allowing them achieve the hair style they have always wanted for their big day. This could be an up-do as your natural hair could be too thin or contain too many layers to hold up your chosen hair style, extensions give you just the right amount of thickness to achieve any style you want.

The above are just a few examples of what extensions can do for you. There are so many options open to you when it comes to them and with the use of them you are able to achieve whatever style you have always dreamed of, so why not treat yourself and get some applied?

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Wearing Real Hair Extensions

Doesn't it seem as though more people, especially celebrities are able to grow their hair overnight? The reason behind this is not through some fad shampoo or spray for your hair to make it grow quicker, the answer lies in one of the biggest hair trends we have seen for a while, hair extensions. It is thanks to the use of hair extensions that anyone is now able to have long, luscious locks as this is one trend that has reached the mainstream and as a result is now available in a wide selection of salons all across Ireland. However before you go and book your appointment you might want to think about what you want them applied for and what type of extensions you want.

Let's go back to when hair extensions first hit our scene. They first appeared in the 1980's. When you look at the type of extensions that were around in the 1980's, they were generally being made up of synthetic materials, which you couldn't style correctly and that rarely matched your natural colour or hair texture. They were of poor quality when they first appeared and they didn't stick around long as they were merely written off as being a fad.

30 years later however and this 'fad' comes roaring back onto the style and beauty scene.

Over the past few years it was hard not to read a magazine or newspaper that didn't feature pictures of celebrities with fabulous looking long locks. Some of these celebrities included Victoria Beckham, Jennifer Aniston, Katie Price, Mischa Barton, Kim Kardashian, Cheryl Cole and Kate Beckinsale. It seems that pretty much most celebrities have experimented with extensions at some point,but what is the extension of choice for many of these celebrities? One of the most popular is Indian Remy Hair.

Indian Remy Hair Extensions are made up of 100% human hair which is ethically sourced. This hair is sourced from Indian Temples; it is sourced so that the hair cuticles are all aiming the same way. This is important to the quality of the hair as it prevents the hair from becoming tangled. But the way in which the hair is sourced is only one aspect that makes this form of extension one of the most popular with celebrities as well as one of the most popular on the market. This generally lasts between three and four months and prices for it can range depending on how much texture and length you want to be added. You can have the extensions retightened then to last you a further 3-4months.

These are available to match pretty much any hair colour and are versatile enough to be styled in any way to match your natural hair.

Hair Extensions are the perfect trend for all seasons and are the perfect way to create any hairstyle you have always wanted so get in touch with Stylistics to get your Hair Extensions applied.

What to do when you have Hair Extensions applied

Whatever reason you want them for, extensions can provide you with a fun and fashionable way of changing your style and giving you the look you have always wanted and best of all they are readily available to you. They are the perfect solution in order for you to achieve any hairstyle you have wanted and they will allow you to do this without restricting any aspects of your lifestyle or the activities that you like to take part in.

A lot of people often think that when they are wearing extensions they will have to put a lot of time and effort into the upkeep of them and that there will be certain things that they can no longer do or take part in. This however couldn't be further from the truth. As long as you have good quality hair extensions applied, which use the very best Remy hair, you will be able treat them pretty much the same way that you treat your own locks. You can wash them often, brush them, blow dry and straighten them meaning you can also style them in exactly the same way that you style your natural locks.

You have the confidence of being able to take care of and treat your extensions in the same way as your own hair. However if you decided to opt against human hair extensions and you went for synthetic instead you couldn't do half as much when it comes to styling. The reason that I say this comes down to the fact heat styling products such as blow driers, hair straighteners and curling products would simply melt the synthetic extensions, not the best of looks!

With human hair extensions you look after them in exactly the same way that you would look after your own hair if you managed to grow them that long. Below however are a few hints that you should follow if you are having hair extensions applied;

Wash and Condition

It is important that you keep in mind the fact that even though they are attached to your natural locks, extensions still don't receive the natural oils that comes from your scalp. It is for this reason that it is vital that you wash, condition and of course keep them moisturised every two or three days. Failure to do this will result in them becoming brittle, leading them to easily break causing you the problem of split ends.


Unlike your natural locks, these will not grow back, keep this in mind when you are styling your hair. It is basically important that you treat your extensions with the respect that they deserve. So next time you reach for your brush don't pull hard and try to air dry them as oppose to continually blasting them with your blow drier. It is also important that you always brush out any knots before you wash your hair or before you swim or go to sleep.

As long as you treat your hair correctly you will be able to carry on with your lifestyle and activities that you have always done so don't change the way you live, simply take a little bit of extra care and treat your extensions with the respect that they deserve.

For full aftercare tips, go to: Stylistics Hair Care

Creating a beautiful look for your wedding day

It's one if the most important days in a woman's life, one she will never forget, so on her wedding day a woman wants to look at her absolute best.

Once the day has been decided and the all important venue has been found the next thing to do is find the perfect dress. For a lot of women this is the most essential aspect to their wedding, aside from the groom of course!

You will probably spend months and months trying on different dresses, you might make it down to a list of 'potentials', but once you see The One, the search is over- this is your wedding dress.

The dress might well be the centre of attention on the big day but there are other things to think about.

Shoes and accessories are a big point of course. Will you be wearing a traditional veil or a modern tiara? This will probably depend on the style of the dress but it's an key thing to sort out early. You can probably buy this along with the dress but it might also be worth shopping around to make sure you get the best deal.

The next thing to consider is your makeup. It might seem silly to be planning your makeup months in advance but you do need to have an idea of what you want, the more specific the better.

Why not visit some salons and talk to the beauticians about what you want to achieve. You can discuss with them the best colours and products to use and they help you build up the exact look you want.

Book your appointment to have your make up done on your wedding day as early as possible. You could travel out to the salon you choose but sometimes the beautician will be able to come to you and do it at your home or the venue. Just ask in advance to avoid disappointment and last minute panic!

The next thing to think about is your hair. Your hair style can make or break your look so make sure you plan this in advance too.

It's important to design your hair to complement your dress. If you have a backless or low cut dress, for example, wearing your hair down will look lovely. You can book a stylist to do your hair at the same time as your makeup. You can decide what you want well in advance and be all prepared come the wedding day.

A growing trend among brides is having hair extensions put in time for the big day. There are lots of reasons for this, most notably, they're a great way of gaining extra length and volume and creating styles that might not have been possible with your natural hair.You could choose the clip in option which would allow you to take them out after your wedding, or something more permanent with glued or braiding in options.Whichever you decide you should visit a specialist and discuss all your options well before the wedding.

Once all this is decided, you're ready to go, and come the big day you'll be looking more beautiful than you've ever looked before. You'll create cherished memories that will last your entire life.If you want to discuss getting hair extensions, Stylistics can give you the very best advice and look for your wedding day!

Solutions To Hair Thinning

As a woman one of the most distressing things you can go through is losing your hair. It can greatly affect your confidence and your ability to go about your daily life without feeling self-conscious and unattractive. Hair loss can be the result of many external factors. Experts predict that on average we shed around 50-100 hairs everyday and when a hair falls out a new hair will grow out of the same follicle. As women get older new hairs may stop growing causing bald patches or hair thinning. This often happens as women go through the menopause but can happen in younger women also.

Other reasons for hair thinning or baldness in women include childbirth, surgery, a poor diet, thyroid disease or it could be a side effect of certain medications. Some hair loss problems are the result of conditions such as alopecia or telogen effluvium and there are specific treatments that you can undergo in order to improve the problem.

Prevention is better than cure as the saying

goes, and this can be the case with hair thinning problems. It is useful to remember that hair is made up of protein and in order to have healthy, strong hair you must be eating a healthy diet that includes lots of protein-rich foods such as meat, fish and cheese. It is also important to be getting a healthy amount of minerals in your diet especially iron, this can be found in meat, fish and in vegetables in small amounts. Hairstyles such as tight braids or buns can also have an effect on hair growth as the stress on the scalp may cause hair loss.If you feel you have exhausted all the avenues of hair growth without success then you may wish to turn a more practical solution. In the past women with hair loss problems have been content with using wigs but nowadays a wig is not appropriate for the hectic lifestyle that women now enjoy. Hair Extensions are designed for women who want natural looking hair that fits in with their lifestyles. Hair Extensions encompasses a range of different methods for thickening and adding volume to your hair so you are able to choose a method that will best suit your needs. From the Microring system, to the Keratin Fusion system that thickens and lengthens the hair on top of the clients head; there will be a method that fulfils your needs.

Hair loss is an embarrassing condition and some women may feel that they have had their femininity taken away from them along with their hair. But there is no n

eed for women to suffer anymore. With Hair Extensions women can add thickness and volume to their hair and more importantly they can re-establish their self-confidence. Many women have spoken about the treatment as life-changing and you too could change your life.

For more information book a free consultation with Stylistics. We are specialists in hair extensions and offer a completely professional service.

Hair Extension methods explained

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