How Idylwylde Takes Care of Their Turf

Soil testing yearly on a rotating basis between greens, tees, fairways and roughs.

Slow release liquid foliar fertilizer is used that is absorbed by grass blades within 20 minutes.
Also it is applied using equipment which is calibrated before each use and accurate to the tenth of a pound or millilitre.

Amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus and potash used have declined from 2009.

                                                    N           P           K   (lb/1000 sq. ft./year)
On the greens   (2009)            4           1           4
                             (2011)           2.7       0.4         6

On the fairways (2009)          2.4          1         1.2
                             (2011)          2.8        0.4        0.8

On the roughs                           2          0.1       0.3

What homeowners would use if they purchased 31-3-8 fertilizer.                                      

                                3.6lb N  0.36lb P  0.93lb K

Phosphorus is only used as required by the turfgrass plant. Amounts applied are dictated by soil testing. No application of phosphorus takes place in the fall.
Pesticides are used only as a last resort and is deemed necessary once established thresholds are reached.
Pesticides are usually used to combat fungus.

Subsurface drainage terminates at retention ponds throughout the golf course.

Shoreline Improvements.

Work is ongoing at hole #10 to increase natural shoreline buffer on Lake Nepahwin to 10m.
On hole #13 there is a plan to plant shrubs and fescue grass along the shore.
No fertilizer or pesticides are used in the maintenance of the beach area. Some general up-keep is required.