American strong Ales and Stouts of the post-Repeal era

Below is a list of strong ales and stouts brewed in the US after Repeal, collected in reaction to the claim by UK beer writer Pete Brown in the Oxford Companion to Beer that Ballantine India Pale Ale was " of the few characterful beers to survive into the post-Prohibition age" (page 485).

Omitted from this list - due to space limitations, if for no other reason - are the scores if not hundreds of porters, bocks, cream ales and numerous beers simply marketed as "ale" in the US.


A.B.C. Old Stout (CA)

Amsterdam Stout (NY)

Bache’s Stratford Stout (Detroit, MI)

Ballantine's Brown Stout

Brown Stout Porter - A.B. Co. (Scranton, PA)

Betz Brown Stout (Phila.)

Boston Stout (Commercial)

Bulldog (Acme - CA)

Burgomaster - Fitzgerald (NY)

Burke’s (LIC, NY)

Canandaigua Royal Stout

Carnegie Stout

Champagne Velvet Stout

Consumer’s Winter Stout

Crockery City Stout (OHIO)

Croft Stout

Dublin Stout (Falstaff)

Dublin Stout (Wentzler - Lykens, PA)

Dublin House Stout (Edelbrau)

Edelbrau (Brooklyn)


Fell's Stout Porter (Simpson, PA)

Golden Glow (CA)

Hoff-Brau (Indiana)

Iron City XX Stout

John Bull - (New Phila. OH)

Keeley’s Olde Stout

Kuebler Stout (PA)

Loewer's Stout (NYC)

Lord Essex Stout (Krueger)


Ogren’s (Mayville, WI)

Old Dublin Stout (Kiley, IN)

Ostner's Stout (Jax, FL)

Pickwick (Boston, MA)


Royal Hoff-Brau

(Ft. Wayne, IN)

Royal Stout AleR

Ruff Old English Stout (Peoples Brewing Co. Duluth MN)

Scotty Stout (Victor, PA)

Sean O'Shaunghnessy Boarhead Stout (Ortlieb, PA)

Shannon Cream Stout (Balt.)

Sir Edward Stout (Schoenling)

Smith's Stout (Smith Bros., MA)

Walter's Old Fashioned (CO)

New York state's Genesee Brewing Co's and West End (today's F. X. Matt) beer portfolio in the mid-1930's included several different ales. Genesee would also market a 9 Horse Ale and, later, Dickens Ale (a brand originally of the Syracuse Brewery, Inc. that Genesee created after buying the Zett's Brewing Company in the 1930's) and, in the late 1940's, a Cream Ale that predated the current one first released in 1960.

(above) Two Stock ales from PA's Adam Scheidt's Brewing Co. and (below) two of several ales brewed by Allentown's Neuweiler Brewing Co.



Bartels (Syracuse)

Betz (Philadelphia)

Beverwyck India Ale

Boston Old IPA

Crown India Ale


Downs (Van Buren)



Fidelio East India Pale Ale

General Braddock India Ale

Hornung’s India Ale

Kent Ale India Pale (Krueger)

King Phillip's India Pale Ale

Moore & Quinn


Old India Vatted - (Croft- MA)

Old India Ale - (Hull -CT)

Old Rip - (Southern Indiana)

Old India Pale Ale (CommercialXBrewing - Charlestown, MA)

Wm. Peter (Union City, NJ)

Pony Ale (Wehle)


Queen City

Regal India Ale

Utica Club

Wehle Mule Head India Ale

Westminster India Pale Ale

(below) Though inaccurate as far as the claim of being "the oldest brewery in the country", this distributor's ad for Albany NY's Beverwyck Brewing Co.'s STOCK ALE suggests it would have been brewed before full Repeal.


1896 Old Stock Ale

Albion Old Stock Ale

Betz Old Stock

Beverwyck Stock Ale



C & L (Canavan & Leggett)





Dilling's English Brand Old Stock Ale (Power City)

Dutch Maid Old Stock Ale

Enterprise Half Stock Ale

Fort Schuyler Old Stock

Frontenac Stock Ale (Duquesne)

Friar’s Old Stock

Genesee 12 Horse Ale*

Genesee Old Stock Ale

Golden Glow Old Stock Ale

Grace Bros. Old Stock Ale

Grossvater Stock Ale

Hanley's Green Label

Harvard Full Stock Ale

Harvard Half Stock Ale

Holihan's Stock Ale

Holihan's Half Stock Ale

Horton’s Old Stock

Keeley's Stock Ale (Chicago)

Koebler Old Stock Ale (OH)

Lavell’s Half Stock (RI)

Linden (NY)

McSorley's Cream Stock

Moore & Quinn Old Stock

Mory’s Stock Ale (Jacob Ruppert)


Old England Stock Ale

Old Mule Stock Ale

Old Tap Select Stock Ale

Old Oxford Stock Ale

Ox Head Stock Ale

Philadelphia Old Stock

Power City Old Stock

Tam O'Shanter Stock Ale

Rainier Old Stock

Ram's Head Old Stock

Renner's Stock Ale

Scheieber Old Stock

Sebewaing Stock Ale

Smith's Stock Ale

Standard Old Stock (Rochester, NY)

Star Stock Ale

Superior Stock Ale

Topper 7 Grand Ale

Utica Club Stock Ale

Valley Forge Stock Ale

Yankee Old Stock Ale (Pittston, PA)

New Haven's Wehle Brewing Company's IPA and stock ale, PONY ALE and MULE HEAD STOCK ALE.


August Wagner October Ale

(Old Capital Brewery, Ohio)

American Nut Brown


Beck's Old October Ale

Croft Ale


Duquesne Nut Brown

Feigenspan Amber Ale*

Ft. Pitt

Gold Medal (Indianapolis)

Grace Bros. Brown October Ale

Graupner's (PA)

Haberle's Brown October




Lion Mellow Ale (NYC)*

Old Oxford N.B.

Old Pennsylvania N. B.

Patrick Henry October Ale

P.O.C. Nut Brown

Rainier Old Stock Ale*

Schmidt's Tiger Head Ale*

Sebewaing Stock Ale*

Sterling Golden Autumn Ale

Tally-Ho Brown October Ale

Topper Brown October (MT)

Trommer's October Brew


Ballantine Burton Ale

Canandaigua High Hopped

Cold Spring/Hacker's 5-X Ale

Derby High Hop Pale Ale

Eichler's Winter Ale

Harvard Double Ale

Genuine Scotch Ale (New Philadelphia Brewing Co., OH)

Moore & Quinn High Hop Ale

Ox Head Sturdy Ale

Rheingold Old Scotch Ale

Schmidt's Burton Ale

Stein's Dry Hopped Ale

Tam O'Shanter Scotch Ale

Thistle brand Scotch Ale

* In some examples, ales were not labeled as "October Ales" but described as such in advertising at the time.