Beer in Brooklyn


A collection of articles that appeared in the Brooklyn Eagle newspaper, on beer and breweries in Brooklyn during the last half of the Nineteenth Century.

The Brooklyn Eagle is available in a digital version on-line.

How The Beer is Made - July 31, 1865

Our National Beverage -Universal Consumption of Lager

Lager Beer -Where and How the Beverage is Made

Brewers and Breweries in the Eastern District - August 2, 1870

Lager and Weiss

Some Accounts of the Beverages in the Relations to Brooklyn

Where Lager was First Made - June 23, 1873

Lager Beer - A Trip Through the Breweries of Williamsburgh

How the Teutonic Beverage is Manufactured

A Million Kegs of Beer - August 12, 1875

Drinks- Good, Bad, Indifferent and Poisonous Beverages

January 7, 1883

More About Beer

The Varieties Made in Austria and Other Countries

English Ale - How its Importation Affects the American Article

April 6, 1884

A Day's Journey Through a Great Brooklyn Brewery

November 9, 1884

Ale & Lager Beer

Beverages that Have Gained in Favor with Drinkers

December 20, 1885

Lager - How Beer has Prevailed Among All Nationalites

Statistics - Twenty-one Per Cent. of the Malt Liquor of the Union Consumed in Brooklyn and New York

June 18, 1886

About Ale Brewing

Effect of Lager on the Older Beverage

Materials Used - The Question of Temperance - Historical Facts

August 29, 1886