Chip Timing - NEW

This season we will be trialing a chip timing system. Runners need to wear a bib number with a chip attached to the back.

As you finish your chip is registered by the timing equipment and your finish time is automatically uploaded to the race software.
Results will be available the same day showing each runner's time and category position. Team results will also be published the same day.

All clubs will ask their membership who wishes to take part in one or all of the XC races. Each member is then allocated a race number and chip which a club representative will keep between races and hand out to individuals at each event.

Although Individuals can be given additional race numbers at each event (if their first one goes missing) and new club runners can also be given one at the event, it is worth pointing out that this will slow down the publishing of results and create additional work for the admin team producing results. Please make sure you don't forget your number. Additional numbers will cost each club £2 per number.

Dates and venues

For up to date information (dates and venues) go to the 'news blog' - linked from home page.

All races start 11:00 am.

There are 5 races in the winter months - normally Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb and March. All races are on Sunday starting at 11:00 am. Clubs take it in turns to host an event and we regularly see getting on for 200 runners taking part. It's probably fair to say that these XC events are generally more characterful than your standard cross country events with many containing both 'undulations' and varied terrain.