Spirit of Monmouth RC

Currently the club has over 100 members ranging from age 18 to 65+ and we regularly take part in a variety of events, from fun runs to marathons and even ultra-marathons. Whatever your motivations for running, you will almost certainly find like-minded people to train and socialise with at Spirit of Monmouth.

We meet at Monmouth School Sports Club (off the Hadnock Road) every Tuesday at 7:20pm and Thursday at 7:30pm. Tuesday nights are the main club nights. We start off with any notices and announcements and then run for about an hour from 7:30pm. Tuesdays alternate between group runs (where everyone runs with a group of a similar pace, from 12 minute-miles up to sub 8 minute miles) and coached sessions, where we work on fitness and running form. Thursdays are group runs.

During winter we tend to stick to the streets of Monmouth on our group runs and in the summer months we venture out onto some of the beautiful trails and countryside surrounding Monmouth.