What To Bring

"Invent It!"

July 16-20, 2018

See the bottom of each specific age level information page for what girls and adults should bring to camp.

What is a mess kit and dunk bag?
Below is a picture of a "dunk bag". The same kind that is needed at camp.  It does not have to be exactly like this, it just needs to function like this. If it does not have a string just tie a ribbon, string or piece of yarn onto it.

Please include a cup, plate and/or bowl, fork, spoon and knife. Plastic is fine and actually works great! If possible write your camper's name on every piece.

Sit Upons

A sit upon can be homemade such as the ones in these pictures (see the one to the right for an example on how to make one). They can also be made from small carpet squares (carpet samples), small towels or blankets.  They can be stuffed with many different things (carpet padding, newspaper if it is sealed well, etc.)..

The purpose of a sit upon is to protect you and keep you dry while sitting on the ground.

Where to find a mesh "dunk bag"
You might be able to find a dunk bag at stores such as Target or Walmart in the laundry department (some people use them to wash things like nylons).  You might also find the bags in the toy departments of stores (used to hold things like beach toys or swim gear).  I have also heard that you might be able to find similar mesh bags at the dollar store.