Staff Training

"Invent It!"

July 16-20, 2018

Training is a MANDATORY part of being on staff at camp. Missing your required training(s) may have an affect on your Girl Scout's discount, your total service hours recorded or on earned awards completed at camp.

Girls in grades 8-12 - If you have not attended Program Assistant (PA) Training in the past you will need to do so.  You will find information for this years training on this page.  Please don't hesitate to contact the Day Camp Directors if you have questions.

Girls in grades 6 & 7 are required to attend 2 trainings this year.

Camp Trainings

Adult Training
Pre-Camp Training
Who is REQUIRED to attend? Adults that have not previously attended Funshine Day Camp.
 All adult volunteers
- AND -
Girls entering grades 6-12 in the fall
Girls entering grade 6 and 7 in the fall
When is the training? July 9, 10 or 11, 2018
(A poll will be taken for the best date.)
Thursday, July 12, 2018
(Pizza & drinks provided)
Saturday, July 14, 2018
(Snacks provided) 
Where is the training?  TBA
First Congregational Church
1050 East 23rd Ave. EUgene, OR 97405 

Program Assistant (PA) Training

 What is PA Training?A leadership workshop that trains girls in the responsibility of leadership, Girl Scout basics, growth and development, dealing with groups of girls and more.
Who is REQUIRED to attend (for day camp)?Any and all girls entering grades 8-12 in the fall that have not already taken PA Training. (If you have missed this training and need to take it please contact the Day Camp Directors.) If you have already taken PA Training you do not have to take it again.
Who CAN attend? All girls in grades 6-12 during this school year. (Please note girls entering grade 7 in the fall will receive PA Training as part of their Funshine Day Camp experience.)
*Please note that only girls in grades 6-8 can earn the PA Pin and it is now a three step process.
When is the training? TBA
Where is the Training? Currently no local trainings are scheduled. Please contact the Day Camp Directors if your girl is in need of this training. Don't let this stop your girl from attending, we will work with you to get the training.
How much does it Cost? And, what is included? N/A
How do I register? N/A