Judy Kahle

Artist Statement

My artwork is all about layers. The layering begins with the patterning of the fabric. The surface design techniques used include dyeing, printing, painting and discharging. These original fabrics are than collaged to develop the compositional elements that will guide the machine stitching. Layers of thread build depth and richness as a myriad of colors interact.

Each step of the process adds meaning to the overall piece through the use of symbolic shapes and colors as well as the chosen form. The completed works reflect my visual responses to the feelings, ideas and events in my life.

Just Trying To Stay Afloat, 2012

Cotton fabrics, canvas, thread.

OCD, Best of 2012 Poster Award for Excellence

Just Trying To Stay Afloat, (detail)

Merit Badges for Grownup Women, 2013

Cotton fabrics, canvas, thread.