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    • How do people learn?  What makes robust training events so important?  Learn about the answers to these topics in the Volume 3 Newsletter. You will experience why AFS offers courses which take students to deeper level of understanding through the use of established techniques which make learning meaningful.

    • Turfway Park Track in Kentucky experienced a "topsy-turvey" incident during construction.  Why is a lake found in the center of the Turfway Track considered to be "upside down"?  Schedules which were rushed and budgetary concerns may have taken precedence over fundamental aspects of construction directly related to "human factors".

    • Why did a nurse accidentally toss into the garbage a kidney just removed from a living donor destined to be transplanted into the donor's sister? Poor post-operative surgical care is one of the biggest problems in American hospitals. An estimated 100,000 hospital patients die every year as a result of medical negligence or malpractice. The error made news headlines, but the question is what communication had been missing and who was responsible to inform the nurse that the kidney was not post-surgery parts to be trashed?  From  Kidney from Living Donor Destined for Transplant Thrown in Trash" by Anne Hart, Healthy Trends Examiner and reported by Ignazio Messina,  Blade Staff Writer 

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    • What can enhance Situation Awareness?  AFS examines Perception, Comprehension and Projection as foundations for improving Situation Awareness.  Examine for yourself how these interface in "Situation Awareness? Using Perception, Comprehension and Projection to help us."

    • Aspects For Safety looks into “heuristics” and how heuristics can reduce overall safety consciousness. Curious about “heuristics”?  Learn how we inadvertently take risks while we think we were doing the “right thing”.  Read about how people can become “trapped” by heuristics in our article “This Certainly Seems Right To Me” .

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    • AFS Featured Employees – Cyndi Tudor, Barbara Cluster and James Miller  

Cyndi's concern about patients and safety issues makes her an asset to AFS.  She interfaces with courseware design as a Subject Matter Expert (SME) for the health care industry.  Read about her background and you will come to understand about her vast experience.

Barbara's experience in health care training, insurance compliance, risk management and policy writing provides in-depth experience to our AFS classes.

Jim’s lengthy and vast experience with issues concerning safety, training, supervision, and management on a national level provides a wealth of knowledge that AFS class  participants can truly appreciate.

    • Reviewing Featured Human Factors Related Events

The Asiana Airlines San Francisco Aircraft Accident - Crew errors and seat design are examined.

Events Surrounding the MM&A Railway Accident at Lac-Megantic, Quebec.

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