AFS Initial Human Factors

Initial Human Factors Training

The course includes comprehensive overview training for employees involving the human factors methodology including its history and an introduction to the elements that it encompasses such as teambuilding, communication, decision making, situational awareness, workload management and “threat and error” management. This training program will be offered in two modular sessions, four hours each.

Understanding Human Factors - Comprehensive Training . . . . . An Eight Hour Class

- Module I - Understanding Human Factors – “Introduction, Communication, Decision Making, Team Building”

- Module II - Understanding Human Factors – “Situational Awareness, Workload Management, Error Management”

Course Intent

Each course is oriented to deliver a “hands on” approach to increased awareness of the concepts of Human Factors and actions involving safe operations. Human Factors is based around the accepted “Elements” of Human Factors. These are recognized and promoted throughout corporations in various training courses and concepts. This commonality encompasses: Team Building, Communication, Situational Awareness, Decision Making, Workload Management, and Error Management.

Our approach will be how to mitigate threats and potential errors that will result in a safety oriented work force and environment. The Human Factors course provides insight how employees can become critically aware of how their environment and people they work and interact with affect their lives.