School Staff and Class Sites

YR 5/6 Room 1 Class Site - Mrs Allie Naden

YR 5/6 Room 2 Class Site - Miss Jazz Hickling

YR 4/5 Room 11 Class Site - Mrs Sarah Aperahama

YR 4 Room 9 Class Site - Miss Jess McMillian

Room 1 Class Blog

Room 2 Class Blog

Room 11 Class Blog

Room 9 Class Blog

YR 3 Room 5 Class Site -

Miss Emma Naden

YR 2/3 Room 6 Class Site -

Ms Anji Armstrong

YR 2 Room 3 Class Site -

Mrs Sarah McConnochie

YR 1 Room 8 Class Site -

Mrs Sharyn Tilley

YR 1/2 Room 4 Class Site -

Miss Nicola Wilcox

Room 9 Blog

Room 6 Blog

Room 7 Blog

Room 5 Blog

YR 0/1 Room 7 Class Site - Mrs Cathy Rowell

Leadership Team Email Addresses

Principal - Helen McGuigan MEd (Ed Admin & Leadership), BEd, Dip T, TESOL email:

Deputy Principal - Sarah Aperahama MAP, PG Cert in digital & collaborative ed, B Teach email:

Assistant Principal - Cathy Rowell BEd (Special Ed), Dip RE, Dip ITC Edn, Dip T (Deaf Edn) email:

Director of Religious Studies - Sharyn Tilley email:

Learning Support Coordinator - Vicki Swider B Teach, Dip RE email:

Senior Syndicate

Sarah Aperahama Senior Syndicate Leader

Room 1/Year 5&6 - Allie Naden BEd, Dip T email:

Room 2/Year 5&6 - Jazz Hickling B Teach email:

Room 3/Year 4&5 - Sharyn Tilley & Sarah Aperhama email:

Room 4/Year 4 - Jessica McMillan B Visual Arts & Design, PG Dip Primary Teaching email:

Junior Syndicate

Cathy Rowell Junior Syndicate Leader

Room 5/Year 2&3 - Emma Naden B Teach email:

Room 6/Year 2&3 - Anji Armstrong email:

Room 7/Year 1&2 - Sarah McConnochie email:

Room 8/Year 0&1 - Nicola Wilcox & Margaret Gardner email:

Room 9/Year 0&1 - Cathy Rowell email:

Reading Recovery & Specialist Teacher email:

Teacher Release - Judy Leydon email:

Support Staff

Amanda Mathers- Office Manager email:

Nichole Tamatea - Librarian/Teacher Support email:

Richard Alexander - Caretaker

Donna Harris - Teacher Aide email:

Miranda McCormick - Teacher Aide email:

Kate Buchanan - Teacher Aide email:

Mikayla Ngarimu - Teacher Aide email:

RE Curriculum Resource Developer email:

National Centre for Religious Studies (NCRS)

(Part of Te Kupenga – Catholic Leadership Institute)