InterProfessional Health Partners (IPHP)


Welcome to the Interprofessional Health Partners program. Much research points to the importance of good communication and teamwork in keeping patients safe and constantly improving the quality of healthcare we deliver. This team-based home visiting course will give you a taste of what it is to work with a small interprofessional team and a “patient.” Through the review sessions you will also have the opportunity to be part of a larger team with more disciplines represented and hear about the health issues their patients present and the knowledge base they bring to their work.

Since before 2003, a group of Truman and ATSU faculty have worked together annually with a sizeable group of students and community elders to explore and learn about effective inter-generational communication, interprofessional teamwork, and health care partnerships. We welcome you to this year’s interprofessional home visiting program and trust that, as it has been for so many previous participants, this will be a very positive learning experience for each of you.

Again, welcome,

Dr. Hong Chartrand and the Health Partners Team

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