Get to Know Us

Ben Tipton

In 2008, Ben began exploring the role of mind/body medicine, mindfulness and the neurobiology of change in helping people with lifestyle choices. He is a qualified teacher of MBSR through the UCSD Mindfulness-based Professional Training Institute and has been teaching MBSR since 2016. Ben was the founder/creator of the Mindfulness Program at Mid Coast Health Care in Brunswick, Maine.

Ben’s experiences have taught him that curiosity, attention, awareness, self-inquiry, compassion, and connection are the foundations of sustainable change and making healthy lifestyle choices (also helps with staying upright on a mountain bike).


By finding this website you have made a choice to start down a path to better health and wellness. You are gathering resources and surrounding yourself with a tribe that is going to support and encourage you as you make the changes you want to see. You may not know exactly where you will end up, but get ready to see what you can discover along the way.