ZIV International licensed and produced dubs for numerous titles from Japan in the 1970’s and early 80's. These shows included Angel, Candy Candy, Captain Future, Fables of the Green Forest, and of course, Little Lulu. In 1978, an English dub was produced for the Little Lulu anime. This was the first time where we got to hear a full voice cast for most of the characters from the comic, unlike previous adaptations that included Lulu and just a few others. A new score was composed by Mark Mercury, which was used for the rest of the foreign dubs produced later on.

The opening sequence consisted of spliced-up clips from the anime and the ending sequence was compiled the same way. While the English name of the show was basically just “Little Lulu,” the home video releases opted with the title of “The Adventures of Little Lulu” or “The Adventures of Little Lulu and Tubby.” FHE (Family Home Entertainment) and Media Entertainment are responsible for releasing a few volumes on VHS and Betamax in the US. The UK also received the Little Lulu anime on home video in early 1983.

Only the first six episodes of the English dub have been found. Just like other ZIV titles, the show never saw a complete release of all its episodes in English. Therefore, the rest of the ZIV dub is currently lost media. The Spanish and Arabic dubs of the show do confirm that Mark Mercury was able to finish the soundtrack for all 26 episodes.

In 1985, a second English dub was produced by Harmony Gold. The voice cast was changed, but Mark Mercury's score was kept in tact. Episodes 21 and 23, along with a different ending sequence, was uploaded on VK by Alexander Shtyrme on February 7, 2013, which originally came from a single VHS tape. Both episodes had an Russian overdub over the English audio track. It is uncertain whether this obscure dub was commercially available on home video in the United States or in any other country.

Note: All of the following items come from the ZIV International dub of the show.


1) Little Lulu - Original Soundtrack Album

Year: 1980

  • Type: 33 1/3

  • Company: ZIV International

  • Contents: 2 episodes

    • Description: This release contains the anime's theme song, along with 2 episodes: "The Endurance Test" and "Save The Prisoners".


  • A - Save the Prisoners

  • B - The Endurance Test

🎵 Listen to this album on YOUTUBE 🎵


1) The Adventures of Little Lulu & Tubby Vol. 1

  • Year: 1980s

  • Format: VHS & Betamax

  • Company: FHE (Family Home Entertainment)

  • Contents:

      • Two episodes, Good Luck Guard and The Endurance Test

      • Trailers for various ZIV licensed anime and other shows

The full tape is up on YouTube!

2) The Adventures of Little Lulu & Tubby Vol. 2

  • Year: 1980s

  • Format: VHS & Betamax

  • Company: FHE (Family Home Entertainment)

  • Contents:

      • Two episodes, Save the Prisoners and Little Fireman

      • Trailers for various ZIV licensed anime and other shows

The full tape is up on the Internet Archive!

3) Little Lulu

  • Year: 1980

  • Format: VHS

  • Company: Media Entertainment

  • Contents: Two episodes


1) The Adventures of Little Lulu Vol. 1

Ver. 1

Ver. 2

Ver. 3

  • Year: 1983 (3 versions)

  • Format: VHS, Betamax, & Video 2000

  • Company: Videomedia

  • Contents: Two episodes, Good Luck Guard and Operation Baby-Sitting

Note: UK's episode title for Operation Babysitter was changed to Operation Baby-Sitting

2) The Adventures of Little Lulu Vol. 2

Ver. 1

Ver. 2

  • Year: 1983 (2 versions)

  • Format: VHS, Betamax, & Video 2000

  • Company: Videomedia

  • Contents: Two episodes, Save the Prisoners and Little Angel

3) The Adventures of Little Lulu Vol. 3

Ver. 1

Ver. 2

  • Year: 1983 (2 versions)

  • Format: VHS, Betamax, & Video 2000

  • Company: Videomedia

  • Contents: Two episodes, Little Fireman and The Endurance Test


1) Little Lulu - Show #1 “Little Angel”

  • Date: Aug 15, 1978

  • Format: Betamax

  • Company: Ruxton LTD

  • Contents: 1st episode, Little Angel

    • Description: A non-commerical betamax tape meant for private use. This tape came from a 2005 lot along with a VHS of Seattle Children's Theater featuring Little Lulu and a VHS of the "Big Hex of Little Lulu."


1) FHE (Family Home Entertainment) Poster

  • Year: 1982

  • Company: FHE (Family Home Entertainment)

  • Description: A poster with small calendars for every month for the year 1982, with multiple different properties scattered throughout.


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