Only one episode of the Swedish dub has been up online. Mac Video released two versions of the same VHS containing episode 6 of Little Lulu and an episode from Fables of the Green Forest. The entirety of the VHS (cut into 2 parts) was uploaded on Youtube by ‘Muppet’ on December 16, 2014. The opening and closing has a higher pitched version of the English theme song.


1) Little Lulu / Fables of the Green Forest (Lilla Lotta / Djuren I Gröna Skogen)

Mac Video (Number #7)

Mac Video (Number #8)

  • Year: Unknown

  • Format: VHS

  • Company: Mac Video

  • Contents: Two episodes, Ep 6 - Little Fireman (Little Lulu) and Ep 40 - Johnny's Adventure (Fables of the Green Forest)