NAME : Ms. Sacchetti

SCHOOL: Saint Philip Neri School


SCHOOL PHONE: 610-828-3082

SCHOOL EMAIL Sacchettim@spnschool.org

About The Teacher & Art Program

I have been teaching art to grades pre-k through 8 for sixteen years. Teaching is what I love to do, and every year I try to introduce our children to something new and different in the art world that they have never seen or experienced before. I teach art four days a week here at Saint Philip Neri. Here at Saint Philip Neri School, students learn about and experience new art mediums, new techniques, and the history of art. In this art program, children are exposed to mediums such as paint, charcoal, oil pastels, chalk pastels, ink, and many others.


Art is everywhere, and children need to be encouraged to explore their talents and to see the beauty in their surroundings. Every child has a creative side and the potential of becoming a wonderful artist. My goal is to bring out their creative side, build artistic confidence, and encourage each child to believe in themselves in order to create beautiful artwork that they will be proud of. I always say to all of my students that there is no bad artwork and as long as you give it your all you will create wonderful work. I hope children will gain a certain knowledge and respect for the art world and enjoy their experience at the same time.