SPN Art Gallery

5th Grade:

Optical Illusions

6th Grade

Newspaper Baskets

7th Grade

Birch Trees in Watercolors

Happy Saint Patrick's Day From 3rd Grade

8th Grade Art

Patterned Ink

Kindergarten Art

Eskimo Project


Featured SPN artist are Gracie Jalosinski 4th grade and Harper Rosa Grade K

1st Grade Art Work

Happy Fall and Happy Thanksgiving

Calico Corn: 1st grade students learned about texture, in which students created their calico corn pictures by tracing their foot and then used finger paint and their finger to fill in the colorful corn.

3rd Grade Art Work

This lesson was all about warm and cool colors and mixing paint in primary colors to produce a secondary color. Students used tempera paint and chalk pastels to create this neat hand print leaf picture

Students painted their hands in red and yellow primary paint to make a hand print on white paper, in which they transformed their hand print into a leaf. Students used black sharpie to draw the veins in the leaf, then used chalk pastels in cool colors to create the background


Please check out some of our Halloween projects from this school year


Students used watercolor crayon resist technique and symmetry to create these fun witches

6th grade Halloween Linear Design

6th grade students had to create a Linear Design using any Halloween word