Weekly expectations require the following:

Lecture Days: Teacher will Lecture during some classes on art history, techniques, and expectations of specific art project

Demonstration Days: Teacher will demonstrate on how to create projects and techniques

Studio Days: Students will come to class and will be responsible for setting up their own art area, and cleaning it up. Students are responsible for completing their own work by the given deadline. If students are unable to finish work on time due to missed art classes, then students are to come in at lunch/recess or other free time during school hours to complete work. If students do not hand work in on the due date, the result will be a 1 or a 2 for the grade

Grading System

The Special subjects; Art, Gym, Library, Music, Technology, and Spanish are intended to enhance the total educational experience of every child.

Art Class Standards for Grading at SPN are based predominately on projects using the archdiocese of Philadelphia art guidelines and grading rubric. The objective for these guidelines is to introduce and develop art skills while incorporating the elements of art and principles of design. Our mission is to build an appreciation of art, teach skills, confidently create art using various mediums, and prepare students for high school art classes.

According to Archdiocesan recommendations, Special teachers evaluate students in Fourth through Eighth Grades based on a 4 point scale; 4 being the highest grade achievable.

4- Over and Above Expectations

3- Meets teacher's Expectations

2- Needs to make some Improvements

1- Unacceptable work

To achieve the trimester and final grades as mentioned above, grades are averaged and a grade of .5 or higher is rounded to the next whole number.

Starting this year:

To achieve the 4,3,2,1 grading scale, teachers need to work within the 10 point grading system put forth by the mystudentsprogress.com program.

Therefore, when grades are entered by the teachers, they will use the following numbers:

To record the score of a 4 - grade is entered between 90 and 99

To record the score of a 3 - grade is entered between 80 and 89

To record the score of a 2 - grade is entered between 70 and 79

To record the score of a 1 - grade is entered as 60

Using these numbers, students and parents will still see the trimester and final grades computed as 4,3,2, and 1.