The Stonington High School Chapter of the National Honor Society was founded in 1945. The national organization has worked to bring the achievements of outstanding high school students to the attention of their classmates, their parents, their communities, and the colleges they plan to attend. Stonington High School confers no higher honor than membership in this organization.

Meetings are the first Monday of each month during activity block in the Library Media Center.

Recent Activity
On October 8th, with the help of the Spanish and French Honors Societies, $1000 was donated to the American Red Cross to provide disaster relief for areas affected by the recent hurricanes. Thanks to all who donated, and to the Spanish and French Honors Societies for partnering with us for a great cause.

October 19th was the first blood drive of the school year. Together we managed to meet our goal of 30 pints. Thanks so much to everyone who donated and volunteered. 

2016 - 2017 Members

Executive Board

President: Charlotte Johnstone

Vice-President: Riley Casadei

Secretary: Trinity Lennon

Treasurer: Abby Wang

Parliamentarian: Halle Anderson

Historian: Lily Bockowski

 Mrs. Gauthier
Mrs. LaCombe

Meeting Dates 2017-18
  September 15th 2017: Executive board 
September 18th 2017: Formal meeting
 September 29th 2017: Executive board 
October 2nd: Formal meeting 
October 16th: Informal meeting 
November 3rd: Executive meeting 
November 6th: Formal meeting 
November 20th: Informal meeting 
December 1st: Executive board 
December 4th: Formal meetings 
December 18th: Informal meetings
 January 5th: Executive board 
January 8th: Formal meeting 
January 22nd: Informal meeting 
February 2nd: Executive board
 February 5th: Formal meeting 
February 20th (a Tuesday): Informal meeting 
March 2nd: Executive board 
March 5th: Formal meeting 
March 19th: Informal meeting 
April 2nd: Formal meeting 
May 4th: Executive board 
May 7th: Formal meeting 
May 21st: Informal meeting 
June 1st: Formal meeting 
June 4th: Formal meeting 

Current Members
Regan Andersen
Halle Anderson
Sophia Anderson
Sarah Beverly
Lily Bockowski
Madison-Rose Britto
John Bury
Riley Casadei
Katherine Cintron
Erin Craig
Emma Diamanti
Andrea Edwards
Blake Edwards
Abigail Flakus
Charles Fornara
Brielle Fratoni-Jaskiewicz
Madison Geiger
Jessie Gentilella
Adam Gibb
Charlotte Johnstone
Jason Kilcoyne
Jessica Kutz
Trinity Lennon
Morgan Lestinsky
Laura Marseglia
Sarah Schrempf
Katja Sieling
Samuel Snediker
Emily Tieu
Abby Wang
Jessica Weber
Hallie Wiltshire
Nicola Wood
Elizabeth Yarnall