Keeping Seniors connected and improving Communication

Made possible by IEEE-USA funding from member dues.

A 'Hear, here!' project.

IEEE PACE New Jersey Coast Section Humanitarian Activities founded a new IEEE Special Interest Group for Humanitarian Activities (SIGHT) Group in 2019 and is engaging in improving communication especially for people with hearing loss using mainstream open source cloud connected technologies. People experience hearing loss or difficulty in speech understanding at any age; approximately one third of people over 65 experience disabling hearing loss, so we recognize the importance of providing helpful solutions. We are extending our hearing assistance projects with attention to the growing population of those who are aging and as a result, might suffer hearing loss, difficulty communicating, social isolation, and associated depression.

Sociavi is a proven communication and activity platform for Seniors to easily engage with family, friends, healthcare providers, partake in activities, and more. Our project aims to expand features on the platform to help those with hearing loss to remain engaged with the people, and activities they enjoy. Improving communication for Seniors provides for Lifelong Learning opportunities, will reduce Gender Inequalities, and providing hearing assistance will reduce Disparities and Inequalities. UN SDGs 4, 5, and 10.

Our project aims to keep Seniors and special needs individuals communicating with the world.

Paula Muller, PhD Founder of Sociavi.

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Our project addresses United Nations Sustainable Development Goals 4 Quality Education, 5 Gender Equality, and 10 Reduced Inequalities.